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Price Analysis of LED bulbs in February 2015

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-01
According to a survey on the retail price of new LED bulbs by market research institutions, in February 2015, the average retail price of 40 w led bulbs was about 0. 6 rose slightly, reaching 12. $2; The average price of LED bulbs replacing 60W is 0. 5 fell to 16. $0. Prices in Europe and the United States have shown relatively large changes, while prices in Asia are relatively stable. Although February is a traditional Chinese Spring Festival, the price of bulb lamps in China has not changed significantly. The Spring Festival cannot be used as a festival to promote the sales of bulb lamps. On the contrary, due to the Spring Festival holiday, many manufacturers have reduced their production, market prices are relatively stable. Replacing the 40W part, the price in Europe and the United States has shown a significant change. In the UK, after the price of bulb lamps fell sharply in 2014, January 2015 and February, it showed 5. In. 6 Rise. Prices of most products rebounded in February due to the rapid decline in the previous period. For example, the prices of Osram 3 6W and 470lm bulb lamps decreased by more than in January and more than in February and. Prices in the United States showed 2. In February. 8 decreased slightly. Most product prices have declined slightly, but the volatility is not large, and market prices remain stable. Since the German price entered 4Q14, although it still maintained a downward trend, the decline slowed down. February 2015 continued the trend in January, with prices showing 1. A slight decline of 6. Most of the product prices did not fluctuate significantly, and a small number of products showed a slight decline. In addition, due to the improvement of technology, the power of new products introduced by famous manufacturers such as Philips and Samsung has decreased. For example, Philips has replaced 40W incandescent lamps with a bulb power of about 6 W, the old products are basically above 7 W, and the price will also drop due to the power drop. In the Asian region, except for the average price increase of 4 in Japan, the rest of the region has not changed much. Replacing the 60W part, the price of bulb lamps in Britain rose by 5. 5% in February after falling for 3 consecutive months. 8. Most of the original product prices have been raised, and a small number of products have increased significantly. Such as Verbatim10W, 820lm bulb lamp, the price rose to 24. 98 US dollars, an increase of nearly 80%. The price in the United States is 11. 8 The price of most products has dropped, including famous brands such as Philips and GE. In addition, some brand manufacturers plan to launch low-cost products, such as Philips plans to launch 9. In March. 5WWarmGlowLED bulb lamp, replacing the traditional 60W incandescent lamp, is dimmable and costs only US $10. Germany is a region where the price of bulb lamps has dropped rapidly in 2014. Since May 2014, the overall price has shown a rapid downward trend. In February 2015, the price was adjusted back, up 10. 8. Due to the rapid decline in the previous period, the prices of most products have been adjusted back in February. The prices of the original products of famous brands such as Samsung, Ledon and Philips have increased significantly. Prices in Japan fell by 1 in February. 1. The prices of most products have been slightly lowered, and a small number of products have dropped significantly. Such as Toshiba 9. 1 W, 810lm bulb lamp, the price dropped to 10. $1, a drop of 8. 7. Price fluctuations in the rest of the region are small and the market remains stable. Since 4Q14, manufacturers have successively introduced new products of bulb lamps. Compared with the original products, the new products have lower power than the original products. The improvement in technology has LED to the increasing luminous efficiency of LED. The price of lm/w is continuously decreasing. Under the condition of reaching the same luminous flux, the cost is much lower than before. In addition, intelligence is also a direction pursued by manufacturers. New products are constantly adding new functions, such as intelligent control, including dimming, color temperature adjustment, etc. , such as the WarmGlowLED bulb lamp introduced by Philip in the United States. However, from another perspective, the popularity of intelligence is also a reason for the slow decline in the overall price of bulb lamps.
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