Price Analysis of lamps in July: traditional off-season 'uncharacteristically'

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-13
The monthly evaluation of the new ancient town Lighting Price Index released on the official website of Guangdong price index said that the average value in July was 123. 17: 00, 123 higher than the June average. 68 points fell by 0. 5, but the momentum is still strong, maintaining a high level of volatility. In the first month of the third quarter, the price index rose from the overall level of the previous two quarters, indicating that the lighting market has entered the stage of seasonal adjustment. The total price index of lighting in July this year was 102 higher than that in last July. 76 points rose by 20. 36. Obviously, this year's market trading atmosphere is warmer than the same period last year, and there are signs of recovery in advance. Although July is the traditional off-season, in recent years, in order to find a way out, decoration projects, home furnishings exhibitions and some projects to stimulate the market have been launched in July, in order to seek some opportunities to compete with the off-season. This year is no exception. A series of home exhibitions and lighting exhibitions have been held one after another, which has made the traditional off-season uncharacteristically, and promoted the lighting and lighting market to create a different lively. The monthly average of the four major series of indexes rose three times in July, specifically: the July average of commercial lighting series was 102. 94 points, up 2 from June. 27; The average number of outdoor lighting series in July is 117. 78 points, up 1 from June. 89. The average number of lighting series in July is 135. 64 points, down 1 from June. 72; The average number of July in the light source series is 93. 28 points, up 2 from June. 19; The commercial lighting Series Index fluctuated and stabilized. The average July of commercial lighting series rose by 2. June. 27, at the beginning of the month, 97. 38 o'clock, the end of the month reported 106. 15 o'clock, to 9. The increase of 01 closed. Although there has not been a sharp rise in performance, the overall situation has stabilized and stabilized, and it has become the backbone of the overall index for two consecutive months. The year-on-year decline of domestic PPI index in June and July expanded and bottomed out, indicating that the average price of domestic industrial products, especially raw materials, is relatively volatile, commercial lighting based on this cost has some room for improvement in the later period. In addition, the index of commercial lighting series has stabilized due to the variety and specifications of this series of products, stable market rigid demand but fierce homogeneous competition. The outdoor lighting Series Index fell back. The outdoor lighting index still showed a large rise and fall in July, with a very active performance, hitting a new high of 124 in the middle of the month. 8 points, but then plunged 9. 77, up 3. 05, to 116. 05 points satisfied with the end. Outdoor lighting has been in an unstable situation due to the combined effects of consumer demand, control technology, application awareness and national policies. The demand for outdoor lighting products mostly comes from the batch purchase of engineering orders, with a wide range of applications and high gross profit margin, and promotes the continuous popularity of the downstream demand of LED industry, the number of cities replacing traditional street lamps with LED lamps is increasing day by day, and the promotion and subsidy of national and regional policies are continuously launched, which has promoted the continuous rise of this series of indexes in the past three months, it is also the inevitable result of the increasing market demand for this series of products. According to the analysis, the recent market demand for outdoor lighting products is still relatively stable or slightly increased. The lighting Series Index fluctuated at a high level. The overall tone of the lighting series index is consistent with the total index, although July was slightly lower than June. 72, but the momentum is still strong, maintaining a high volatility. Due to weak real estate demand, sales fell, investment slowed down, and there was a surplus of houses for sale. The cooling continued from 2014 to 2015. Affected by this, both the demand for lighting for commercial housing decoration and the scale procurement of commercial real estate and hotel projects have continued to shrink, and the lighting Series Index lacks support and maintains a narrow range of shocks. Since May this year, the real estate market began to heat up, and the year-on-year growth in second quarter of 2015 was better than the expected 7, which benefited from the bold measures of the government's macro-control and the insistence on economic restructuring, it paves the way for the stable economic growth in the second half of the year, and also lays a solid foundation for the development of the lighting industry closely related to the real estate industry and the supply and demand of lighting products. The light source Series Index stopped falling and rebounded. The July average of the light source Series Index is 93. 28 points, up 2 from June. 19, the decline was obvious, showing a positive V-shaped trend. This year, the price of rare earth has fallen below the keynote, and the overall fluctuation is not large. Under the influence of various factors such as reducing mercury content and LED product impact, the light source series withstood the pressure, and the ups and downs were staggered, but the overall gradually stabilized. With the gradual stabilization of the cost of raw materials for various light sources, the analysis shows that although the light source series products will fluctuate in the future, the overall situation is still stable or there is room for slight upward adjustment. Conclusion: Considering the macro-economy and industrial environment of the whole lighting industry, the overall environment of the lighting industry in the first half of 2015 was indeed relatively quiet, especially the performance of the domestic lighting market was quite sluggish. However, the cold first half of the year has finally passed, and the market has gradually warmed up from the first half of the year. For lighting companies, it is expected that the sales boom will come in advance. It is expected that with the active decoration market in the second half of 2015, the rebound space of the lighting industry will also increase. Many enterprises are accumulating their strength and preparing for the arrival of the peak season. The peak season of industry sales is determined by the market, but the peak season of enterprises is determined by the strength and preparation of enterprises. Therefore, on the premise that the market Terminal demand still exists, the competition is the strength of the enterprise itself. All enterprises should take the initiative to actively expand sales channels, increase sales, and maintain strong combat effectiveness in the market competition with excellent quality and service. This is the king of the company's invincible position.
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