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Popular science of lighting manufacturers: the composition of solar street lights

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13
1. Solar photovoltaic modules

Modules are generally divided into two parts: single crystal and polycrystalline. Of course, single crystal and polycrystalline are also divided into A-side and B-side. So this is why the price of the same configuration in the market is so different. There is nothing to see. The function of the module is to use solar energy to convert into electric energy that can be stored in the battery. The current conversion rate of single crystal is up to 17%, and polycrystalline is about 12%.

2. Special solar battery

As the function of storing and releasing electric energy, the battery can be installed on a light pole or buried in the ground. The function of the battery box is to protect the battery in the ground. The battery will not be corroded by groundwater. The working principle of the battery is During the day, the electrical energy converted by solar photovoltaic modules is stored in the body, and at night, when the controller commands the time to start discharging, the product quality of manufacturers with different technical capabilities is as different as the corresponding price.

3. Solar controller

The backbone and the big heart of the street lamp system are like the image. The human heart is good and can function normally if there is no problem. If the heart has a problem or fails
No matter how good other body parts are, they won't be useful anymore.

4. LED light source

Nowadays, the better ones on the market use flat-panel lamp caps. The light source is optional, mainly for these two accessories. The traditional LED lamp cap has a large shell and poor heat dissipation performance. The flat-panel lamp cap looks flat. High-end, built-in heat dissipation, the light source is domestically produced, imported, and domestic technology is generally imported. The better imported ones are Preh and Corey, and Preh also has two types: 33 and 45. The price of LED light source is also different for different materials

5. Solar street light pole

The light pole part is customized according to the customer's requirements for the pole shape and configuration parameters at the beginning of the design. The size and style requirements are different, and the price varies greatly.
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