Photovoltaic market will need to show growth momentum in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-26
According to the Shanghai public relations consultant, the photovoltaic industry has experienced steady development in the past two years and the international market has continued to grow. At present, it is predicted that the growth rate will reach at least 18. In 2014. Among them, the Asian market is the main growth driver, followed by North and South America. In addition, the Middle East, South Africa and Turkey markets will also see significant growth and become emerging photovoltaic markets in the future. Over the past few years, the European industry has been providing professional skills and experience support to emerging markets, such as smart grid integration, capacity monitoring and maintenance, and improvement of excess solar energy storage efficiency. At present, Europe is still developing a new photovoltaic business model. Market research institutions and analysts from different fields are almost invariably optimistic about the prospects of the photovoltaic market. NPDSolarbuzz predicts that photovoltaic demand will reach 45-in 2014- 55GW, up more than 29. 5% from 2013. Another American company (IHSInc. ) The forecast is more conservative, 41GW, an increase of 18. The demand of the International Photovoltaic market is usually driven by the subsidy of on-line electricity price for solar power generation, and the German Renewable Energy Act (GermanEEG)At present, it has been adopted by more than 60 countries. The international market formulates the stimulus policy with reference to the German Renewable Energy Act. A series of stimulus plans in the German market are not limited to the use of solar power generation on-line electricity price subsidies as the basic investment guarantee, what is more important is to ensure the structural transformation towards renewable energy and increase the proportion of renewable energy in the power grid. In many cases, these stimulus policies also regulate power transmission by clearly guiding power grid integration. Many countries have also linked this to the transformation of energy supply structures (From nuclear and petrochemical energy to solar energy)Connect. Many other countries regard photovoltaic as an economically attractive alternative energy source, especially in countries where traditional energy sources enjoy extremely high subsidies. On the other hand, the market in high sunshine countries is developing rapidly. For governments around the world, large-scale photovoltaic power plants are an attractive alternative energy source when bidding for new power plant capacity or power purchase agreements. Even now, the pressure of renewable energy on the national budget is usually lower than the cost of traditional power generation. This kind of situation is in countries with high sunshine and rapid growth in electricity demand (Such as Saudi Arabia, Chile and South Africa)The emerging photovoltaic market is outstanding. In addition to actively expanding the international market, Europe's market position has been continuously consolidated by reducing installation costs. Even without subsidies for on-line electricity prices, solar energy is already competitive in many European countries. Therefore, Europe will remain one of the important photovoltaic markets: it is expected to add 10GW of production capacity in 2013, accounting for about of the market. Solarbuzz predicts that in the first half of 2014, the quarterly new production capacity in the European Photovoltaic market will stabilize at about 2. 5%. 5GW level, the second half of the year began to accelerate growth. Among them, Germany, Britain, Italy and France will be the main driving forces for growth. How to develop business models and promote solar energy, photovoltaic products and systems will become new challenges that many emerging markets must deal. Europe's development experience in the past decade will help these countries in developing solar energy, grid connection and energy storage.
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