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Patents in LED lighting industry will become winning means for enterprises in 2015

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-06
Thanks to the vigorous development of the lighting market demand, the LED market has seen a rare prosperity this year, only in less than a year, the market order may be disturbed again by the low price of LED factories in mainland China. The leading LED factory, riyahua, has banned the service law. Minister Akutagawa Shengxing pointed out that the trend in 2015 is a grim year. Manufacturers in Taiwan should actively invest in research and development and apply for patents, in order to win in this price war. The turnover of Japan Yahua last year was 309. 7 billion yen (About 865. NT $6. 1 billion) The market share of high-brightness LED is about 22. Akutagawa Shengxing pointed out that with the rapid growth of the lighting market, the future turnover will also grow. Samsung lejin's operation is hard. In terms of patent layout, sautagawa Shengxing said that for LED ( LightEmittingDiode, light emitting diode) Related research and development has long invested a lot of money to create greater profits, which has always been a Japanese practice. Regarding the outlook for next year, Akutagawa Shengxing believes that the market situation of LED will be more severe next year and is pessimistic about the market next year. The main reason is that LED in mainland China will start to ship in large quantities next year and rob the market with low prices, it will have a great impact on the LED market. This situation has occurred in South Korea in recent months and will also occur in Taiwan next year. Taiwan factories must strengthen patents and research and development, if we can work together with riyahua to create a win-win opportunity. Akutagawa Shengxing said that South Korea has imported cheap LED from mainland China to South Korea since a few months ago, and the price is so low that it produces LED in South Korea, it is better to buy LED lamps made in mainland China, which has more cost advantages. Therefore, the operation of major LED factories in South Korea, such as Samsung, lejin and Seoul Semiconductor, is in deficit and is very hard to operate. Taiwan's regional technology flows to the mainland. As for South Korea's lack of profits, the main reason is that South Korea has only started to develop LED since 2002. The patent base is insufficient, so it can only use price competition, however, LED manufacturers in mainland China have state subsidies for equipment investment, and manufacturers only have production costs, so the price Cost of products is certainly low, not only for Korean factories, but also for Taiwan and Japanese manufacturers, however, Japan Yahua has invested a large amount of research funds to develop since 2000 and accumulated a considerable number of patents in order to compete with mainland Chinese operators. Akutagawa Shengxing pointed out that although LED factories in Taiwan have increased their scale, market share and strengthened their competitiveness through mergers in the past few years, many technologies and manufacturing capabilities in Taiwan have flowed to mainland China, once mainland China has accumulated sufficient technical capabilities, it will enter overseas markets. The lawsuit with Yiguang hopes to reconcile the past Taiwan and Japan factories have high quality requirements. As long as they can ship, they represent good quality, while the non-performing rate in mainland China is very high. Only after several years, they have learned Taiwan technology, we can also launch products of the same quality overseas, which will have an impact on Taiwan and Japanese manufacturers. As for the infringement lawsuit between riyahua and Yiguang, Akutagawa Shengxing said that generally speaking, as long as the high-level cooperation relationship with Japan and Asia is good, a good relationship can be established, while the relationship between riyahua and Yiguang is very subtle, if Yiguang can maintain a good relationship with Japan and Asia, it is not certain that there will be changes in the future. Although the dawn of reconciliation has not yet been seen, I believe both sides are working in this direction.
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