Outdoor street light pole production standards

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
Although we all say outdoor street light, in the overall use of its light source USES the quality is very important, is about the life of the lighting time, but is also important to outdoor street light pole production use. Outdoor street light pole overall impressions and conform to the shape and size requirements, the beautiful and easy, smooth surface of the rod body & ndash; Colour and lustre is uniform. Steel materials used in the outdoor street light pole, therefore, must be in conformity with the national standard. Outdoor led street lamp lighting inside and outside should be hot dip galvanized inside and outside surface anti-corrosion process. To achieve the national standard, galvanized layer surface without plating, the rough phenomenon, above the anti-corrosion treatment shall comply with the corresponding national standards. Should provide the test report about the light pole when the delivery and quality inspection report. Outdoor lighting lamps light pole of hot dip galvanized coating of the reentry after processing, the need for color spray paint processing, want to find a professional painter spraying, spraying advanced coating should be adopted. Outdoor street light pole should be stipulated in accordance with the national standard of wind stress calculation, mechanical requirements. One integrated mass, the electric door should with rod body and the structure strength is better. With reasonable operating space, gates has electrical installation accessories. Gap between door and rod should be less than a millimeter, good waterproof performance. A special fastening system, good anti-theft performance. Electric door should have a higher compatibility. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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