Outdoor street lamp lighting requirements of design

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
Outdoor lamps lighting ceremony feeling stress and solemn spirit of building. To emphasize the typical building content, appropriate to reduce the brightness of the surrounding, emphasize to represent the former history and cultural elements, and emphasis on his own artistic concept. Should pay attention to the selected lamp, flexible combination of color and power. The lamp body and build objects color selection between the primary basis for similar color. Please be reminded that give priority to light adds a hood, in order to prevent glare and light pollution. In order to reach & other; See the light light & throughout; The role of, as far as possible choose device. Intelligent control is an advantage of outdoor street lighting design, such as differences in daily, holiday and night mode. To reach the outdoor road lights brightness, can adjust the scene to reach the intention of energy conservation and environmental protection. Outdoor lamps use requirement besides topographical features, the structure of the city to identify the priority is to different areas of the city road and building group formation of recognition. The sunshine city will return all the part information, and urban structure hidden in the meantime, it is difficult to difference. At night, the city of must be and must be part of the merger of black & other; The bottom & throughout; Part.
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