Outdoor lighting lamp lighting effects design

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
First is the inheritance of the urban environment of urban culture, extended and improved. Outdoor lighting lamps lighting design should use the city carrier and cultural activities, with color, movement of light and shadow to express the characteristics of regional culture, giving long ago Shi Wenhua with life, and give the old a microcosm of the new and fresh. Lighting for presenting history of former building construction atmosphere and unique atmosphere and the taste. The structure of the outdoor lighting lamps stressed the first and necessary part of the city, and become a bright & other Picture & throughout; Part of the urban structure and easy to recognize outstanding, has the sense of place, administrative levels feeling and sense of three-dimensional. That is to say, according to the construction of the external structure of content and exterior wall materials, you can imagine at night can achieve the effect of outdoor lighting lighting. Therefore, the first to grasp the difference between natural lighting and lighting at night. After carefully analyzing the characteristics of building material and pictures of internal, we will through the new pictures of the building to reshape, this method and through the changes of light and shadow of sunshine is very different. About the main body, should emphasize lighting in order to strengthen the key position and decorate detail of outdoor lighting lamp lighting. Building material, of course, the brightness of the external wall should be day however clearly change, to ensure that the overall effect of illumination at night.
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