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Opportunities and Challenges coexist in the transformation of East China LED market in 2013

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-22
In 2013, lighting markets all over East China ushered in the transformation of LED one after another. Some markets tried to benefit from the transformation, such as Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places, while some markets felt the pain of transformation, such as Shandong, Zhejiang and other places, however, no matter what the result is, the transformation of the lighting market in East China is already certain and imperative. The LED lighting market in Fujian is generally depressed. In the lighting market in Fujian in 2013, the obvious change is that LED is widely used in the field of commercial lighting. Another change is that the sales volume of retail channels is generally reduced. For example, Xiamen lighting market is full of LED products, among which there are many light source products and commercial lighting products. Among the light source products, the performance of the mulinsen lamp and the Foshan Lighting bulb is bright, and its high cost performance makes it a market benchmark. In terms of brand building, Yiguang lighting has a strong development momentum and high popularity. However, the market for lantern products is generally in a downturn. Due to its close relationship with the property market economy, its retail performance has generally declined; For engineering products, the price of LED products is higher than that of traditional lighting products, and the profit of a single project has increased, while the number of projects is declining. As an agent of Philips in Xiamen University, Qiu Wucheng, general manager of yidacheng lighting, said frankly that the sales volume of products in 2013 has been declining all the way. In the wholesale channel performance of the business, product sales are also falling sharply. Some large-scale stores are also operating at a small profit. Relatively speaking, the performance of a few merchants who have taken Engineering channels has increased. In recent years, the impact of LED has changed significantly in engineering. Some merchants also said that LED lighting heat is a brain heat, and market competition has become white-hot. In real use, LED lighting, as a new concept, its light color, Spectrum, light attenuation, influence on vision, poor stability and other factors are all problems faced by many enterprises. LED products are not acclimatized in many places. Many customers still use traditional lighting products. The popularity of LED lighting is still very long. The era of LED lighting in Shanghai has come. In 2013, the development of Shanghai lighting market is in full swing. Many brands have followed the pace of the market and transformed one after another. Some traditional enterprises have gradually completed the transformation by taking advantage of this opportunity. In the year of 2013, when big brands haven't appeared yet, for emerging enterprises, this year is the year of channel construction and brand development. They quickly seize the terminal market, large and small dealer meetings are held every day in Shanghai, and a large number of outdoor billboards are filled with markets. Among them, Yiguang LED lighting, tianzhiguang, teyoushi and other brands are particularly attractive. In addition, the influx of a large number of cross-industry enterprises has also made the competition in the LED lighting market quickly heated up. In 2013, various enterprise activities were staged one after another. For example, in May 14, Shanghai Yaming successfully contracted the lighting EMC project in the office area of Shanghai Center building; On May 18, the 7th Shanghai international new light source new energy lighting Forum was successfully held; On June 26, Yiguang LED lighting National Provincial operator Cooperation Fair opened in Shanghai Wanli hotel; On July 10, the 2013 Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition was held ceremoniously; On August 22, teyoushi held a national distributor conference in Shanghai Volkswagen International Convention Center; In September 11, LED lighting lecture hall (Shanghai station)Successfully held; On September 15, the East China Regional Distributor Conference and the 6th generation LED new product launch conference of Jiamei were held in Shanghai; On October 23, sanxiong. Aurora China retail building lighting energy saving Research Results Conference was held in Shanghai; On November 8, the 2013 general meeting of Shanghai Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Technology Association closed; In November 21, the National Lighting industry LED market Alliance National Tour Exhibition (Shanghai station); On November 24, teyoushi Shaanxi distributor conference was successfully held in Shanghai; November 29 2013, China (Shanghai)Lighting e-commerce channel Development Forum was successfully held; On December 13, teyoushi successfully held a dealer conference in Shanghai. As the LED lighting era approaches, various well-known brands are emerging in large numbers, which makes many businesses have no standards to follow and lack a sense of direction when choosing which brand to operate. 2013 is also a critical period for the transformation of merchants. Whether they can keep pace with the Times determines the success or failure of merchants in the future. The reporter learned that the merchants in Shanghai have generally accepted LED lighting products. In the early 2013 s, most of these merchants who have not been involved in the field of LED products were in a wait-and-see state. By the second half of 2013, they had competed in the LED tide. LED specialty stores continue to appear, which shows that the LED era in Shanghai has come. With the influx of LED lighting products into the Shanghai market and the continuous improvement of its technology, the high cost performance of the products is obviously increasing, and the prices of some products are even lower than those of traditional lighting products. Due to the narrowing of the price gap between traditional lighting products, the market demand for LED lighting products will increase significantly in 2014. Different channels of Shandong's brand performance continued to go deep in 2013. Traditional brands and led lighting brands in Shandong lighting market performed differently: traditional lighting brands either kept customer resources and sales volume or were eliminated by the market. Traditional brands such as NVC, Delta, Langer, sanxiong and Seton have been transformed and upgraded in a timely manner and have achieved good results; Home Lighting brands such as OPU, Lianga, Guanhua, bailitong lighting, Huayi Lighting, outrand lighting, mini lighting, etc. , and light source brands such as Foshan Lighting and Shilin lighting have also successfully realized transformation in Shandong market; The emerging LED lighting brands occupy certain channel resources, laying a foundation for their next development.
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