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Opportunities and Challenges coexist in LED sapphire market in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-31
Professional operation Kyropoulos method long furnace technology development application and control system the design and manufacture of Taiwan art, International limited the company will participate in the 16th session, China International Optoelectronic Expo its general manager Alexandra. Maduhenov believes that the 2014 sapphire market has one more opportunity, but it also has one more challenge. The following is Alexander. The overall demand for sapphire in the world continues to increase. Apart from heavyweight LED substrate applications, the demand for mobile phone screens continues to expand, it seems to be a profit to the sapphire market. However, the following will be a major challenge for the market to meet high requirements for good quality and production efficiency. Who can prove his strength in this battle of quality and production capacity, I believe he will be the winner. The production of sapphire with good yield lies in the fact that the four key links of human, machine, material and law must be linked together. If we use the spirit of the Chinese Five Elements theory as a metaphor, it is only appropriate: mutual restraint, interdependence, coordination and balance. Accurate mastery of the four key applications of people, machines, materials and methods requires incomparable perseverance and willpower, and must be constantly devoted and tested again and again. A complete and solid professional knowledge talent is definitely a necessary condition in the research and development process. The failure of equipment and technology to cut is the second important key. Moreover, it is the ability to analyze the sources of components and raw materials, the latter is the use of the long crystal technique. The continuous improvement of crystal growth technology and equipment will bring a new prospect for the growth of high-quality sapphire. Generally speaking, the soaking method is to crystallize the molten soup in the Crucible on the crystal seed under gradual cooling, and the surface looks quite simple and easy to understand. In fact, when this method is applied to sapphire for industrial growth, in order to obtain the specified quality, there will be considerable difficulties. The basic reason for the difficulty in crystal growth is that the crystal growth rate is too fast during the crystal growth process, even when the temperature of the crystallization environment is slightly different. In order to control the crystallization speed of the vesicle method, the electric power reduction method is used to provide the required speed for the heating element. The main process control parameter for crystal growth is the weight of crystal growth, its weight value depends on the speed of temperature reduction, as well as the Crystal crystallization range and area, which are determined by the thermal field structure at the same time. From the above, it can be seen that the research and development of the thermal field structure is a combination of complex and coordinated solutions, and it is necessary to ensure the correct crystallization front section, this front section will not cause slight defects in the crystal during crystal growth, and the possible area of the front section of the Crystal will be enlarged to achieve the adaptation of the crystal growth time. Atwa International Co. , Ltd. has made continuous efforts over the years, and the improvement of equipment and crystal growth technology has achieved considerable success. It is our great achievement to greatly reduce power consumption and reproducibility of the process. However, we will not stop the pace of continuing to improve the overall process technology, but will continue to improve the key components, the mechanical structure of the crystal growth furnace, the software, and the spare parts that use new materials to manufacture the thermal field structure. Personally, I think that many of the shortcomings of the bubble growth method of manufacturers who cannot successfully grow crystals are related to the use of traditional and old equipment structures and technologies, which can be boldly said, as far as many crystal growth techniques of sapphire single crystal required for LED substrates are concerned, bubble growth method is still a technique that will not be easily replaced at this stage.
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