OLED lighting will take the lead in seizing the special lighting market

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-25
LED and OLED belong to semiconductor lighting. Compared with LED lighting, which has been developed for many years, OLED lighting has only started gradually in the past 10 years. In the sunrise industry, which has developed from scratch, we have the advantages of the first mover, it is also facing challenges and difficulties in new industries. The improvement of technology and the development of the market require a certain amount of time and process. We must recognize the goals, understand the situation, and do a good job in dealing with the plan step by step. It is important not to have radical psychology and unrealistic expectations and mess up the steps. We can now stand in the world's technological position, not because we have more financial resources and manpower than the world's top five hundred opponents, but because we have done more things and done less things that we should not do. The success of OLED lighting in the future and who can succeed will depend on the same principle. OLED lamps will have more competitive advantages. OLED lighting technology has developed to the point where it can compete with traditional lighting or LED, but at present, the cost and price are still too high for general lighting applications. Once mass production, the cost will be greatly reduced. When the single-line output reaches one million square meters a year, lighting lamps can compete with traditional lamps or LED lamps. Please note that we are talking about lamps instead of lamp sources (Bulb). Traditional lighting or LED is a point light source or a line light source. Because the brightness is too high and dazzling, it must be made into a lamp when applied. The lamp source is hidden in the lampshade, the tube, the box, or behind the light scattering plate. This greatly reduces the energy efficiency of practical applications and increases the cost of users. OLED lighting board is a surface light source. The light is soft and comfortable. It does not need to hide or hide. It does not need to increase a lot of cost when making lamps, nor will it lose its efficiency. OLED lighting is more competitive than lamps. If mass production can reduce costs, why hasn't anyone done it yet? Because OLED is a new product, it has not been widely recognized by the consumer, and the market is not big enough. The investment in OLED production equipment is very large. A production line of millions of square meters may cost billions of yuan of capital. Investment is unwise before the market is established, therefore, the production lines of all countries in the world now only have a production capacity of square meters for the development of technology, but more importantly, the development of the market. When the market is opened, it is worth mass production, and the cost of mass production can be opened to a larger market. How to enter this virtuous circle is a big challenge for OLED lighting at present. The special lighting market is the first point for OLED. At the current cost price, it is not easy for OLED to directly enter the general lighting market. However, OLED has its advantages. The first thing to enter should be the special lighting market. For example, OLED emits no ultraviolet light, with few infrared rays and even a small proportion of blue light. This kind of light can really protect eyes. At present, in China, most children need to wear glasses before entering the youth. If OLED can be used as a reading lamp, it should help to improve the above situation. The light quality of OLED is also suitable for the protection of ancient cultural relics. OLED lighting should be a good option in museums built in China that gradually understand the value of historical cultural relics. In addition, it is the lighting market. OLED is a surface light source with good light quality. With its light and thin shape, it can form artistic finished products and achieve the effect that other lamps cannot achieve. Foreign companies such as Philips and Osram have shown this. We believe that the development of new markets is gradual. Starting from the special market, entering the lighting market, and when the quantity is large enough to support mass production, we can enter the above virtuous circle, and then popularize into the general lighting market. The Chinese market has great potential, and we look forward to greater efforts to support the advantages of OLED lighting in China. Technically, our company is currently in the market, whether it is the recent special lighting market or the medium-term lighting market, China is far greater than any other country. Because OLED is a new lamp, it is suitable for the new construction market after promotion, and more than half of the world's new buildings are in China. In terms of policy, China has already faced the dual constraints of resources and environment, which will affect the sustainable development in the future. China has become a major energy consumer. While actively exploring renewable energy, energy conservation and emission reduction have become a direct and effective way to reduce energy consumption. In view of the importance of the lighting industry to energy consumption, the government has subsidized various energy-saving lighting since 1996. I believe that with the gradual and in-depth understanding of OLED lighting, the government will also increase support for OLED lighting. At the same time, the country is actively promoting economic transformation, and OLED lighting is a truly innovative new industry, which is expected to establish a world position. Our company can achieve today's results, and government support is indispensable. I hope that I will continue to receive stronger support from the government in the future. Nanjing first organic Optoelectronics is currently a domestic company specializing in OLED lighting. The linear production line that has just entered the first production is not only a domestic professional lighting production line, but also a world-class production line. We will take the development of the world's OLED lighting industry as our own responsibility and continue to work hard on technology, production and market development, but we know that the power of a small company alone cannot achieve this goal. Therefore, we will promote this industry with the business development model of joining in the future. People who are interested in participating in OLED lighting are welcome to become our allies, we are also willing to share our experience in technology, production and market development with our allies. We believe that this mode will enable OLED lighting to have explosive growth and make greater contributions to energy conservation and environmental protection as soon as possible.
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