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NVC Lighting ranks top in China's 2015 valuable brands in 500

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-07
Recently 2015 12th session of the World Brand General Assembly in, Beijing, held. World Brand Laboratory released China's 500 Valuable Brands list at the meeting. In this comprehensive ranking based on financial analysis, consumer behavior analysis and brand strength analysis, it is also on the list of China's strong brand values jointly issued by professors from world famous universities such as Harvard Business School, European School of Business Administration, University of London and University of California, Berkeley, there are many well-known and brand-competitive Chinese brand enterprises such as Huawei, Haier, Lenovo, Gree, Xiaomi, Vanke, China Southern Airlines, PetroChina, Sinopec, China Mobile, State Grid, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and CCTV. Rex lighting is 115. The brand value of 8. 1 billion yuan is among the best, and it has been a valuable brand enterprise in China's lighting industry for three consecutive years. In addition, Foshan Lighting was found in the list to 60. The brand value of 3. 3 billion yuan ranked 365th. In 2015, the total value of China's 500 valuable brands was 108131. 5. 6 billion yuan, the low threshold for brand selection this year is 20. RMB 1. 6 billion. The brand value evaluation method adopted in the ranking list, make a qualitative analysis of the brand from 8 aspects such as industry nature, external support, brand awareness, brand loyalty, status, brand management, expansion ability and brand age, reflect the future development and benefits of the brand. The ranking list is widely recognized by listed companies because of its professionalism and independence. The head of NVC Lighting Market brand said that NVC Lighting, as a leading enterprise in the lighting industry, was selected as China's 500 valuable brands this time, demonstrating its brand value and strength. The influence of brand value not only means the occupation of the market, but also means the weight in consumers' minds. It is Rexroth's emphasis on systematic management and innovation of NVC brand that enables Rexroth to continue to gain a stronger and more stable competitive advantage in its peers, effectively stimulating the sales volume of terminal channels and online e-commerce, further enhance the strength of multi-level participation in competition.
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