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[NSC9120] The anti-glare channel light is the ZNSC9700 of the lighting factory

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-07
[NSC] Anti-glare access light is the ZNSC overview of the lighting factory: [NSC] Anti-glare access light is suitable for flood lighting of highways, railway tunnels, bridges and culverts, squares, buildings, etc. Its integrated design facilitates installation by construction personnel For maintenance, the style of the floodlight is suitable for various installation methods, please call for detailed consultation. (Please call us for consultation:-) One performance [NSC] Special high-efficiency, long-life gas discharge bulbs are used as light sources; when dual-tube HPS lamps are used, they can be started and restarted immediately without cooling. [NSC] Adopting diffuse reflection technology and protective angle design, which can effectively prevent glare; at the same time, adopting nano-photocatalyst glass, which can automatically decompose surface stains and maintain light transmission effect. [NSC] The use of high-strength alloy materials has strong resistance to strong collisions and impacts; multiple shock-proof structures and surface coating treatments can work for a long time in subgrade and rail high-frequency vibration and humid and high temperature environments. [NSC] There are multiple installation methods such as wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted, and the irradiation angle can be adjusted arbitrarily within the range of up and down according to needs. [NSC] Cables with different diameters of φ~mm can be adapted according to site needs, and multiple lights can be connected in parallel. Two technical parameters rated voltage VAC Hz shell protection IP rated power: W/W MH/HPS gas discharge bulb lead-in cable φ~φmm overall size × × mm total weight Kg five quality assurance [NSC] anti-glare channel light This product is strictly in accordance with ISO International quality management system standards carry out quality control to ensure that the product quality is higher than the national standard and fully meet the design requirements. The product has an annual warranty and the light source is guaranteed for one year. Any failure of the product under normal use within one year from the date of purchase will be subject to the company Responsible for free maintenance. [NSC] Anti-glare channel lights can be used as floodlights, floodlights, to protect your eyes, you are worth buying.
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