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[NFC9185] A brief introduction of LED platform lights

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-07
[NFC] A brief introduction of LED platform lights

Scope of application

NFC LED platform lights are widely used in various factories, workshops, stations, and various indoor and outdoor workplaces for flood lighting.

Performance characteristics

NFC LED platform light adopts environmentally friendly and efficient LED light source, with high luminous efficiency and long life;

The NFC LED platform light fixture adopts a ring-illuminated light distribution design, with a large lighting range, wide angle, and uniform illuminance to avoid lighting blind spots;

The NFC LED platform light drive circuit adopts a plastic seal design, which has good heat dissipation and waterproof effects and high reliability;

The NFC LED platform light meets the waterproof requirements from the structural design, and the product shell protection level reaches IP, which can be used reliably in various indoor and outdoor places;

NFC LED platform lamp high-strength metal shell and advanced surface spraying technology, anti-corrosion grade WF, can work reliably for a long time in various corrosive environments;

NFC LED platform light installation, wiring and other operation humanized design, easy to operate;

According to the actual installation requirements on site, the installation method can be ceiling type or curved rod type (the curved rod is provided by the customer).

Technical parameters

Rated voltage: V; Rated power: W; Luminous flux: lm; Average service life: h; Lamp protection class: IP;

Lamp weight Net weight Ceiling/bending pole: ./.kg; Gross weight Ceiling/bending pole: ./.; Outer diameter of lead-in cable: Φ-mm; Lamp size: Φ×mm;

Quality Assurance

NFC LED platform lights are strictly controlled in accordance with ISO international quality management system standards to ensure that the product quality is higher than the national standard and fully meets the design requirements. The products are under annual warranty (the light source is guaranteed for five years), starting from the date of purchase During the year, the company is responsible for free maintenance for any failures under normal use of the product.
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