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【NFC9183/NY】 LED channel light

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-07
【NFC/NY】 LED channel light

Scope of application

NFC/NY LED channel lights are suitable for flood lighting in power, metallurgy, railway, mining, port, municipal and other industries factories, stations and venues.

Structural Features

There are two kinds of light distribution models of narrow and long surrounding illumination and symmetrical surrounding illumination. The sub-meters can meet the lighting needs of narrow and long environments and contrast environments.

Using advanced optics and lighting principles to optimize the design of optical lenses and transparent parts, the light is soft, the illuminance is uniform, the glare is effectively controlled, and the visual fatigue of the staff is reduced.

The light source has two color temperature options: cool white and warm white, no flicker, energy saving and environmental protection.

The sanre design of the heating element attached to the shell, the separate design of the light source cavity and the electrical cavity, effectively control the temperature rise of each component, prolong the service life of LED and other electronic components, and ensure the lamp

With long-term stable and reliable work.

High-strength aluminum alloy shell and advanced surface spraying technology, anti-corrosion grade WF, can work reliably for a long time in various corrosive environments.

Optimized structural design, protection grade IP, to ensure that the lamp is waterproof and dustproof.

The product is small in size and light in weight, not only compact and beautiful, but also good in vibration resistance.

The product has a variety of installation methods such as ceiling type, wall type, ring type and boom type, which can adapt to the lighting needs of different on-site environments. Easily achieve energy-saving indicators

High-efficiency high-power LED light source, excellent light distribution design, and imported PC transparent parts with a light transmittance of up to %, the lamp efficiency is up to %.

Technical parameters

Rated voltage (NFC/ON) -VAC/ VDC Hz; Rated voltage (NFCA/ON) -VAC/ VDC Hz; power efficiency %; lead-in cable φ-mm;

Light source LED; light source power ×W; luminous flux Lm; color temperature -K; color rendering index; beam angle symmetrical surrounding light distribution; narrow and long surrounding light distribution (×);

Shell protection IP; anti-corrosion grade WF; overall dimensions ××mm; service life ≥hours; total weight .kg; installation method Ceiling, hoisting ring, suspended ceiling, side wall;

Quality Assurance

NFC/NY LED channel lights are strictly controlled in accordance with the ISO international quality management system standards to ensure that the product quality is higher than the national standard and fully meets the

Design requirements, the product implements annual warranty (light source warranty for one year), within one year from the date of purchase, any failure under normal use will be maintained by our company for free.
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