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New LED lighting regulations added in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-30
In recent years, China's lighting industry has developed vigorously and its production scale has expanded rapidly, becoming a key export product alongside with household appliances. LED electric light source has risen strongly as the leader of lamps and lanterns, and has also become the bull's-eye of technical regulations and standards in various countries. Regulations and Standards emerge one after another, and deterrence shows that various new regulations of LED lighting industry have swept through with barrier effect and become risk factors with strong concealment. Recent regulations and trends worthy of attention include: first, energy testing methods continue to be tightened. U. S. Department of Energy proposes light emitting diodes (LED)New energy testing procedures for bulbs. The standard specifies the method for measuring lumen output, input power and relative spectral distribution to determine the correlated color temperature, including luminous flux, input power, related color, temperature, rated life and other aspects of the detection. Second, the certification process is more stringent. China's National Certification and Accreditation Administration issued Announcement No. 23rd of 2014 to adjust and revise the original mandatory certification implementation rules. LED power supply and other products will be officially included in the mandatory CCC certification scope from September 1 this year. In addition, Chile issued a circular to stipulate the certification procedures and safety requirements for incandescent lamp strings and LED lamp strings in series or in parallel with a voltage not exceeding 250 volts, as well as the inspection items, standards and corresponding defect classification of lamp string products, and define the basis for selecting the number of samples and judging whether they are qualified under different certification systems, chile inspection items include 12 types of tests, such as classification, marking, structure, creepage distance and electrical clearance, insulation resistance and electrical strength. Third, the mandatory inspection threshold has been raised. Taiwan has implemented mandatory inspection of LED bulbs since July. The test items include safety, performance and electromagnetic interference. If they are sold on the market without inspection and verified to be true, he will be fined NT $200 thousand or more and NT $2 million or less. When the export is blocked, the risk of electric shock is the first cause of this year- In July, only the EU rapid warning system for non-food consumer goods (RAPEX) There have been 54 notifications of lighting products made in China, and most of the ones outside the door do not conform to the EU Low Voltage Directive (LVD) Products of EU standard EN60598 and EU standard en14059. Among them, the risk of electric shock is the first to bear the brunt, and the continuous focus of accidents is attributed to the following factors: first, design defects, easy access to live parts or high-pressure parts; Second, the insulation is insufficient, the creepage distance and electrical clearance between the main line and the secondary line are insufficient, the two are easy to collide, and the insulation between the conductive parts of the product and the metal conductor is insufficient; Third, there is no transformer that can provide safe low voltage output. Other reasons for the recall include the presence of parts that can be contacted with the human body, incorrect instructions for use of the product, and confusion in the labeling or specifications of related products. Control Risks and promote growth simultaneously to create a new situation in exports. Even if the export of lamps is difficult, its power engine is still strong. Ningbo lamps illuminate 157 countries on 5 continents and have formed a complete industrial chain with an annual output value of more than yuan, LED electric light source products include ceiling lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, night lamps, festival decorative lamps and other products to add new bricks for export. This year 1- July Ningbo port export lamps, lighting device and similar articles of about 11. US $0. 9 billion, up year on year. 87. With the upgrading of LED lighting industry, the situation restricted by domestic and foreign laws and regulations is also getting worse day by day, and energy efficiency indicators and ecological design are becoming the main focus. After entering the benign development track, technical barriers put forward new requirements for the reshaping of the industrial pattern. If the lamp industry wants to bring more bonus effects, it still needs to make great efforts in three aspects: one is to strengthen the ability of product inspection and control. Improve self-inspection and self-control ability for weak points of quality control, strengthen standard conformity examination, and conduct type tests in strict accordance with international standards; In terms of quality management, raw materials, production safety and export inspection should be properly controlled, and energy-saving and environment-friendly raw materials and parts that meet the requirements of energy utilization should be adopted. The second is to improve the technical support system. Taking strengthening the independent innovation of products as the main line, we will make great efforts to break through the key manufacturing technologies that restrict the development of lamps and lanterns, improve the added value of products, improve brand recognition and enhance the soft power of brand building by improving the level of production equipment and optimizing the product structure. Third, pay close attention to early warning information. With reference to the sensitive focus issues and high-risk quality and safety projects involved in the notification recall, we will make efforts to clarify the specific product requirements and response plans that we need to master, and promote sustainable export growth.
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