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New hope for LED lighting in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-09
LED lighting took off and brought Chunyan to the industry. All the five LED factories are optimistic about this year's outlook and expect to reverse the dilemma of oversupply in the second half of this year and enter the key to victory. The demand for LED lighting is strong, including Yiguang chairman Ye Yinfu, Jingdian chairman Li Bingjie, Nangyuan chairman Jian fengren, Dongbei chairman Wu Qinghui and Cree Hong Kong managing director Li Shiyi, the five major LED industry giants are rarely optimistic LED industry prosperity in 2014. Li Bingjie, who has been relatively conservative in the past two years, even described with optimism that the LED industry will break away from the miserable industry and kick off the prosperity of at least two years. In the past two years, Taiwan's LED factories have been hit by the strong subsidies from mainland China's support industry. They are in a dilemma of oversupply. Many manufacturers have suffered continuous losses. With the suspension of subsidies in mainland China and the prohibition of incandescent lamps in various countries, the industrial order has gradually stabilized. Farewell to the bleeding river of 2013, towards 2014, the LED industry is ready to meet the lighting light. According to the prediction of various research units, the demand for LED lighting in 2014 will have 50 to 100 growth space, thanks to the slow expansion of LED production capacity in 2013 and the rapid cost reduction of new technologies, the market supply and demand situation has improved. It is generally estimated that this year will be a year for the industry to shine again and a key year for the reversal. Changing the conservative attitude in the past and rushing in, Jingdian is optimistic about this year's prosperity. Li Bingjie expects that the demand for LED lighting will double this year, the 4K2K TV will also increase the usage of 30, and the usage of cars will also increase. He pointed out that it now looks like the LED industry is good this year. Cree is the leading factory of LED lighting. Li Shiyi said that the application and demand of LED lighting are too wide, beyond the imagination of LED applications in the past. After the cost performance of LED bulbs is improved, 2014 lighting will take off quickly, and LED factories are expected to make good profits. Ye Yinfu, the godfather of LED, is also optimistic about the industry boom this year. He pointed out that with the price of LED being close to the people and the price difference between LED and traditional lighting narrowing, the demand for LED lighting has grown sharply this year, for the first time, the proportion of revenue of Yiguang lighting will exceed that of backlight, and the proportion of Yiguang lighting in LED backlight will exceed 30% this year. Jian fengren is optimistic that this year will be the key year to reverse the victory. 2015 is the year when the LED industry returns to glory. He said that this year the LED industry should have no off season, however, Taiwan's LED epitaxial factory has three major products: cladding, high-voltage LED and package-free chip to separate from mainland China. With the advent of the LED lighting era, LED factories are expected to enjoy relatively stable gross profit performance and large bargaining space. Wu Qinghui stressed that 2014 is a year when the LED industry boom is turning over, mainly with the advent of the LED lighting era. The overall LED factory will make good profits this year, p'tit Dej this year 1st season of performance than last year 4th season good this is rare of phenomenon. Wu Qinghui analyzed that the supply and demand market of LED chips is that high-end chips are in short supply and are always in short supply, but the low-end chips are overproduced and the industry is M-shaped, the trend of enterprise operation M-type will be more obvious this year. This year, the trend of LED backlight is to develop to high resolution, lighter and thinner, so the required chips should be brighter, the proportion of the whole high order will increase from 30 to 50, which happens to bring Taiwan's LED factory a chance to win.
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