Need to use led solar street lamps have a overall planning regulations

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-10
Led solar street lamps have long beyond the advantages of general road street lamp, solar lamp, though, the cost of solar energy lamp is general road lights of several times but, mid and late because no other power engineering to support it. Believe in not long future, for the use of solar power will be more and more common, solar led street light will gradually melt into the general lighting. But before that, we need to use led solar street lamps have a overall planning regulations. Solar street lamps lighting the length is the key, therefore must equipment stability. If the specification does not suit, is likely to cause internal road fault, solar led street light and even more serious things, before the operation, must check all the parts specification is to pass the exam. The perspective of lithium battery components and slope is also very critical. The key is the led solar street light solar equipment should be relevant to the various set in the regulations. Otherwise, the loss is very simple manipulation, and there will be no shining lamp or lighting effects, for example, the abnormal phenomenon such as grey. Other, apart from checking and maintenance parts, should also do a good job in lightning protection effect, immediately check grounding stationary situation, very is a summer thunderstorm, should take more attention to. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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