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National swimming center LED landscape lighting engineering

by:ALLTOP      2020-12-03
According to lighting for lighting engineering design, Outdoor/block, monomer) Won the first prize in the
the project name: national swimming center LED landscape lighting engineering
declaration units: Beijing state-owned assets management co. , LTD.
national swimming center project Jane interface
national swimming center 'water cube' is one of the landmark building of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the Beijing Olympic park, architectural plane for 177 m by 177 m square, surrounded by 4 m to 8 m a moat, 31 m building height. 'Water cube' and the other side of the central axis of Beijing national stadium, The bird's nest) Echo each other, forming the unique landscape of mutual symbiosis.
'water cube' has a unique structure, its internal and external surfaces of the roof and walls are covered in ETFE air pillow, air pillow with a total area of 100000 ㎡, is the world's largest ETFE project, but also become the single biggest air pillow, has air pillow inside and outside two layer structure of unique buildings. ETFE air pillow is not only fully meet the architectural aesthetics on the visual effect of water forms - — The expression of the moisture of substructure, bubble condition as well as the maximum with the main steel structure design of the structure of 'bubble'. At the same time, each air pillow are composed of three to five layers of ETFE membrane material, membrane material with silver plating on points, have the effect of heat insulation and improve light.
'water cube' landscape lighting will always implement the 'water cube' architectural design concept, and based on architectural features to meet performance and surrounding buildings and the environment coordination. Water cube of water as the theme in landscape lighting, mainly blue color is the basic scenario model, the water cube facade whole be orderly, is simply a uniformly illuminated emphasizes expressing the integrity of the water cube and the unity, the facade and roof of lighting on the brightness and color uniform natural transition. Detailed content

project 'water cube' landscape lighting design aims to 'water cube' building facade lighting for art and design creative visualization of water, a basic scenario and celebration scene two scenarios. Basic scene mode with brightness suitable water blue mass-tone, the 'water cube' outside surface is uniform and orderly to illuminate, integral feeling and pure feeling, like water or ice emphasizes the expression of the 'water cube' facade integrity and unity, at the same time by lighting design also gives 'water cube' is a kind of the dynamic feeling like the sea waves, navy by tropical colors as the main body, to the other color fastens with color change and transition. Celebration scene mode can adapt to different celebration, make the 'water cube' show different scenarios, the dynamic water waves can also shift from navy theme to other color, colourful color, including pure red, the orange, green and purple, and so on, through the change of design and color can be simulated wave ripples, bubble rising and golden cruising through changing images of magic. In order to coordinate the activities, set up in the south facade LED display, can present text messages, underwater world, the competition hall live and style publicity dynamic video image.
considering the optical properties and ETFE membrane morphology irregularity, interference and games on the game, after repeated field experiment and computer simulation, determine the 'empty cavity pervious to light illumination method', namely in a fixed outer air pillow inside of the steel structure installation of lighting lamps and lanterns to the lateral projection method. Roof and four facade adopts RGB LED lamps and lanterns, the lamps and lanterns of facade along the steel structure framework of fixed external air pillow inside decorate, lamps and lanterns is fixed on the roof in the roof air pillow inside the cavity on the steel structure of pervious to light lighting inside. LED screens in the south facade adopts transparent linear structure, hanging in the air pillow inside the cavity at the top of the steel structure. In the process of project implementation is always implement the 'water cube' architectural design concept, use the means such as changes in brightness, color to reflect the shape and color of the 'water'.
the 'water cube' landscape lighting area is 50000 m2, total using LED lamps and lanterns is 3. 70000 sets, the LED light source is 44. 70000. Among them, 19 facade lighting using LED light source. 80000, the top lighting using LED light source and 24. 90000 pixels for 2 blue 1 red and 1 green ( The RGBB) 。 'Water cube' adopted high-power LED landscape lighting, Single 1 w) Light source, because the LED their own light, high color saturation, the direction of the light is strong and easy to control, online programming, and instantaneous scene change. LED light source color is rich, by using the theory of three primary colors, can form a 256 x 256 x 256 colors.
'water cube' the total area of 2100 m2, the south facade screen installation height 1 m ~ 25 m, using 0. 06 w LED light source, 6. 6 million, 8 red 4 green 3 blue pixels ( Meet the standard D65 white field) , pixel spacing longitudinal 60 mm, 80 mm, lateral lattice screen can form 8192 x 8192 x 8192 colors.
checked by actual measured in LED rated power flow, 'water cube' four elevation in the white field mode the average brightness of up to 10. 09 CD/m2, pure blue mode 4 average brightness. 53 CD/m, the average brightness of red mode to 4. 92 CD/m, the average brightness to achieve 5 lake blue mode. 99 CD/m, the average brightness of green mode to 5. 70 cd/m ; At the top of the corresponding index of 7. 87 cd/ m2、2. 12个cd / m2, 3。 28 cd / m2, 3。 55 CD/m2 and 3. 22 CD/m2, fully meet the normal and the brightness of the major festivals or activity index requirements.
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