Multidimensional annatto lighting industry linkage big flood lighting factory zhongshan qianshou exh

Multidimensional annatto lighting industry linkage big flood lighting factory zhongshan qianshou exhibitions

by:ALLTOP      2020-12-11
1 this month, China ( Zhongshan) Annatto furniture culture expo organizing committee organization media activities. Reporters learned that 2017 'red expo' will be on March 13 to 20 held in red bo once again. Due to heavy swell during the 'March 13 red fair' held, at zhongshan lighting factory hold '3 · 18 lamp expo', so the two characteristic town decided to hand exhibition for the first time. Gushing, known as 'the hometown of Chinese mahogany' reputation, and zhongshan lighting factory is well-known 'the lighting capital of China'. Features with the help of the province's call for an opportunity for the construction of small town, town for the first time to carry out joint two big characteristics, the two combine their own industry, signed a series of agreement on two multi-dimensional town industry linkage, and formulate the 'big red bo chung' with 'zhongshan lighting factory huayugroup square' strategic cooperation. This coincided with the '3 · 13 red expo' zhongshan lighting factory '3 · 18 lamp expo', when the two sides will exchange exhibition area, not only arrange shuttle bus direct, Shared customers, resources, and the exhibition, will also take advantage of their own industry, to build 'Chinese style household life integration of procurement and experience platform', comprehensively promote the two characteristics of small town, and zhongshan beauty in industry development. Since 2001, 'the first China annatto furniture development seminar jinan chung annatto furniture products fair' held ceremoniously, after 16 years of development, zhongshan culture and annatto furniture already, is integrated inseparable, become a part of the culture construction and interaction, hold up one day China annatto furniture. Last year, 13 days of the 2016 China ( Zhongshan) Annatto furniture culture expo move large surge again, for the first time held in red bo, rich content to many dealers and buyers to come. 'Red expo 2017' will continue to show advantages in 2016, around the 'new pattern, new experience and culture, big stage' concept such as form, mainly shows the latest products, the most close to the industry leading edge information of the market, tourists bring for exhibitors, dealers and the public is not the same mahogany experience. It is reported that this exhibition area of 30000 square meters, with a Chinese mahogany brand integrated hall, the new Chinese style household pavilion, high-end mahogany brand perennial supporting pavilion, pavilion, design woodcarving craft pavilion, woodworking machinery and so on six big exhibition hall, the introduction of 'new Chinese lacquer', 'the integration', 'Chinese culture' design elements such as theme, lead the new fashion of the industry, also combined redwood industry organizations, experts and scholars, related government leadership, annatto brands and dealers, held a total of '2017 China annatto furniture development chung BBS' and 'annatto brand merchants join conference' industry conferences, and to explore the development trends of annatto industry in the future.
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