Module, the led street lamp better usability

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05
Module, the led street lamps and lanterns USES die-casting aluminum shell, die-casting aluminum shell heat dissipation, thus greatly improve the heat dissipation. And led lamp bead interval is big, inside the lamp is more dispersed, so that it will reduce the heat accumulation inside the lamp, more conducive to heat dissipation. Led street light heat dissipation good, its stability is strong, natural more long service life. And integrated led street lamp lights, more concentrated, heat dissipation is poor, short service life of the natural relative to the module street lamp. Module led lights can be designed according to requirements of module number, reasonable distribution of the number of modules and interval, scattered surface is bigger, so is light source area is larger, the uniform light. And integrated led street lamp is a lamp to a single bead rated concentrated in one area, so the light source area is small, the light is not uniform, the irradiation range is small. Module, therefore, the led street lamp usability will be better, this is also why people prefer using module, led street light. Led lights at night the overall lighting effect is very good, and the led light source is very popular on the market at present with an energy-saving light source, very save electricity, with solar energy is very match.
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