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Mainland LED street lamp market will exceed in 2013

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-08
Although the proportion of 4KLCDTV is still low in 2013, it is one of the main products developed by Taiwan panel factory. Observing the 50-inch led TV panels developed by Youda and qunchuang, the backlights are all side-light design, it shows that the structure has been mass-produced with light guide plates of corresponding sizes, and the previous problem of light uniformity has also been solved. Judging from the competitiveness of terminal products, one of the reasons why Taiwan factories launched large-size side-lighting LEDTV is to launch 55-inch OLEDTV for South Korean TV players, while OLEDTV has a significant advantage in appearance as 'thin 」, however, when the technology of large-size OLED panel is not yet mature, Taiwan factory will give priority to the introduction of thin high-end LEDTV models. Therefore, the side-light LED backlight structure becomes more and more important. In terms of LED lighting terminal products, the project worthy of attention for outdoor lighting lies in the development of LED street lamps. The big difference between this product and general consumer products is that the market size depends on the budgets of governments of various countries. Although the standard specifications of LED street lamps in mainland China are being formulated and the 'rule of man' situation is still heard, it is supported by relevant policies from the central government to the local government, it is estimated that the mainland LED street lamp market will exceed 1. 32 million to in 2013, accounting. It is worth noting that if the proportion of street lamps in mainland China is only 15 regardless of technology, it can be seen that the development speed of LED street lamps in mainland China is still in other regions. Distribution of the proportion of street lamps in different regions regardless of technology [Img] /Uploads/allimg/130911/1509463 V9-0. Jpg [/Img]
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