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Mainland LED home lighting will reach 96 in 2013

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-08
Mainland LED home lighting market rises! Industry research institutions estimate that the annual growth rate of the mainland LED home lighting market will reach 96 this year, which is an obvious category for the growth of all LED Terminal lighting applications. It is expected that due to the rise of the home market, it will drive the construction of LED lighting channels in mainland China as the key to the cross-Strait industry's offensive and defensive competition. According to statistics from the LED Professional Research Institute, the LED lighting market in mainland China will reach 32. 4 billion yuan in 2013, with an annual growth rate of, of which the annual growth rate of the home lighting market is 96, the performance is better than that of commercial 24, industrial 28 and outdoor lighting 46, and the industry has entered the era of mass access. LED lighting companies on both sides of the Taiwan Straits are actively competing for channel deployment, including traditional lighting manufacturers such as Rex, Opal, sanxiong Aurora and Foshan Lighting in the mainland, taiwan's LED packaging factories Yiguang, Addison and Dongbei also entered the competition downstream. In addition, mainland LED packaging factories Jason and Changfang lighting also took advantage of LED manufacturing to attack the lighting market pie. According to statistics, in 2012, mainland LED manufacturers adopted a channel mode, accounting for less than of their revenue. However, with the increasing popularity of LED lighting products, the sales channels of manufacturers can no longer be limited to engineering and export. In the future, LED lighting will be the same as traditional lighting, and those who have access will have access to the world. Judging from the strategies of mainland local traditional lighting brands Rex, Opal, sanxiong Aurora and Foshan Lighting in 2012, in order to avoid direct impact on traditional businesses, the proportion of LED lighting products is still extremely low, therefore, the introduction of LED lighting product lines and investment promotion policies are relatively conservative. However, due to the gradual loosening of the lighting channels controlled by the four traditional lighting brands in mainland China, many dealers have turned to emerging LED lighting brands in order to seize the huge business opportunities of LED lighting, however, mainland LED lighting rookies, including Jason and Changfang lighting, have entered the terminal access market with their cost advantages in packaging components and preferential investment promotion policies. In addition to the local traditional and LED background lighting factories in the mainland competing for access rights, Taiwan's Yiguang, Addison and Dongbei also competed through local investment companies and strategic cooperation companies.
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