'Made in China 2025' helps China's manufacturing rise, Western industrial countries begin to panic

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-26
A German think tank released a Chinese research report on Wednesday, saying that China intends to compete for the world's high-tech leading position. This will bring challenges to Western industrial countries. As far as Germany is concerned, economic growth may be suppressed. According to Germany N- TV reported that China's new strategy of making 2025 in China will threaten the status of Western industrial countries. The Mercator China Research Center in Berlin released a research report on Chinese-made 2025 on Wednesday. According to the report, China's goal is to first update production equipment and then strive to become a high-tech power. The technology that it does not have, the Chinese side will mainly acquire by purchasing Western companies. China's goal is to replace Western technology with Chinese technology. From September to this year, Chinese investors have invested more than 15 billion euros in EU member states and will approach 19 billion euros by the end of the year. In the first half of this year, China invested more than 17 billion euros in the United States. The report warns companies not to be fooled. The political and economic circles should not be fooled by the short-term business opportunities brought about by China's manufacturing 2025, but should carefully examine mergers and acquisitions from China. The EU should follow the example of the United States and conduct a national security review on foreign investment. China's recent acquisition of German robot manufacturer Kuka, chip equipment manufacturer AISI Qiang and lighting company Osram has caused heated controversy. The German 'news' said that this is only the beginning of China's acquisition of foreign companies. However, China's strategic goals are very high and may not be achieved. The general manager of the German Federal Association for mergers and acquisitions, madcurige, said a few days ago that as of now, about 200 companies in Germany have been acquired by China. This year the first half between China and Germany of M & A transactions far greater than in the past. According to data released by China's Ministry of Commerce on the 15th, China's accumulated foreign investment in the first 11 months of 2016 was 161. 7 billion US dollars, up 55. 3. The growth rate is more than three times that of the same period last year. Among them, China's foreign direct investment in November was 157. $0. 4 billion, a year-on-year increase of 76. 5; The new contract amount is 269. US $0. 5 billion, up year-on-year. Overseas mergers and acquisitions by Chinese companies have been involved in almost all industries of the national economy, and manufacturing mergers and acquisitions are close to 30%. According to data from the Ministry of Commerce, 1- In November, there were 561 overseas mergers and acquisitions projects of Chinese enterprises, with a transaction amount of 82. 4 billion US dollars (Including overseas financing) Among them, the manufacturing industry ranked first with nearly 23 billion US dollars in mergers and acquisitions. After more than one year of shareholding increase and acquisition process, China Midea Group will acquire almost all of Germany's Kuka shares after a successful offer early next year. However, since the United States launched its acquisition of Kuka, including the German Minister of Economy (Sigmar Gabriel)And the German European Commission member Oetinger ( Guenther Oettinger) Officials in Brussels and Berlin have expressed concern that Kuka is the so-called industrial 4. One of the key enterprises of 0, German political circles are worried that advanced technology, which is of great significance to the future, will be transferred to China. In recent years, Chinese companies have set off a wave of acquisitions in Germany, and the old forklift manufacturer Kaiao (Kion), Cement pump manufacturer Putzmeister (Putzmeister)And special machinery manufacturer Klaus Maffei (KraussMaffei)All of them are controlled by Chinese companies. However, there are also Martyrdom. When China's Fujian Hongxin fund acquired the German semiconductor company aisiqiang, US President Barack Obama even issued a presidential executive order to declare the acquisition invalid on the grounds of security. Under pressure, the acquisition was aborted. Made in China 2025 guiding outline was issued by the State Council in May 2015. The outline proposed to adhere to the basic principles of innovation-driven, quality first, green development, structural optimization and talent-oriented, adhere to market-led and government-guided, based on the current situation, focusing on the long-term, the basic principles of overall promotion, key breakthrough, independent development and open cooperation, and through three steps to achieve the strategic goal of manufacturing power: step by step, to enter the ranks of manufacturing power in 2025; The second step is that by 2035, China's manufacturing industry as a whole will reach the middle level of the world's manufacturing power camp; The third step is that by the one hundred years after the founding of New China, our status as a manufacturing power will be more consolidated and our comprehensive strength will enter the forefront of the world's manufacturing power.
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