Liuzhou solar street light quality choose the importance of dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
Liuzhou solar street lamp principle of work is very simple, its main principle is through the use of valve control type storage battery electrical energy storage, and then converted to electricity light ultra-high brightness led lights, and use the integrated controller to control and adjust the solar street light switches and brightness, such ability play liuzhou solar street lighting effect. But that are to be of liuzhou solar street lamps are of good quality to be able to better play to the advantages of it, if the quality is very low, regardless of brightness can meet the requirements, is can last lighting is a problem. Said quality more bad of the liuzhou solar street lamps will bring what kind of impact. Liuzhou solar lighting lamps of poor quality mainly because many consumers purchase price is very low, can the solar street lamps factory in order to conclude the business, the products must be able to steal it stolen. Such products most wattage of the solar panels and solar battery and the actual need to have a large demand, basic it is empty. The solar panel without actually absorb the solar energy resources area, the size of solar battery to store so much energy has arrived in liuzhou lights on the time required for solar street lamps; Poor quality controller can cause excessive discharge, the consequences of excessive discharge is lighting time can not meet the requirements, the damage to the battery can cause larger at the same time. From these aspects to see liuzhou quality choose the importance of solar street lamps, that we want to buy to purchase good quality solar street light.
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