Liuzhou properties and advantages of solar street light dynamic | | industry lighting: the rural solar led street lamp manufacturers

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-12
Liuzhou is the lighting and extinguishing of solar street lamps with solar light sensing control, automatic time-sharing control or acousto-optic dual control, such as liuzhou solar street light is energy efficient use of solar energy battery components will solar radiant energy into electrical energy, without other energy supply, is zero emission, no pollution. Easy installation, simple without trenching wiring, and can be installed. High-quality advanced production equipment and testing equipment, high-quality raw materials, thus ensuring the quality of liuzhou solar street lamps of high reliability and high stability performance, he said its service life, liuzhou solar led street lamp is up to 50000 hours of life, the life of the battery components but also can be as high as 15 years, and is of high efficiency, energy saving, long life lamp had better choose. Because liuzhou solar street light lamp lights is to realize the automatic control, so it can be less night pedestrians or vehicles, to reduce the output power of light source, in order to can save electric energy, could save liuzhou price solar street lamps, and its design requirement is also can choose according to use environment.
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