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Linear launches power manager LTC2974 with EEPROM

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-26
Linglierte company ( LinearTechnologyCorporation) The power manager LTC2974 with EEPROM is introduced, which realizes complete digital power system management with 4 or more power rails. LTC2974 uses an I2C interface and PMBus command set to monitor and control the positive or negative power supply, providing fast fault finding and debugging functions during power system design, development, production and fault analysis. Any power supply with running pins can be ordered and controlled using tracking or time-based events. The four channels of LTC2974 simultaneously monitor voltage and current as well as external temperature, so the user can compensate RDS (ON)Or inductor DCR. Each power supply can be adjusted and fine-tuned with temperature changes. A digital servo loop is used to measure the rail voltage and continuously adjust it to keep the accuracy unchanged. All power supply functions of LTC2974 are performed without any discount, and the overall unadjusted error is better than 0. 25. Users can use the powerful LTpowerPlayTMGUI to intuitively configure and query the registers, user settings and fault records of ltc2974. For applications that require more than 4 power supplies, LTC2974 can be cascaded with a single-wire synchronous bus, thus allowing fault correlation to be established between multiple devices sharing the fault bus. LTC2974 is suitable for a variety of applications, including uninterrupted power supply (UPS), Automotive, medical, video and web applications. LTC2974 integrates major unit components, such as differential measurement and regulation, high resolution data converter, high retention EEPROM and a high precision reference, to realize digital management of pure analog power supply system. Programmable watchdog timer provides monitoring for external microcontroller, FPGA and ASIC. All four channels are fully functional and have specialized monitoring, monitoring, sorting, margin adjustment, fine tuning, and fault protection functions. Black box fault recording provides a way to diagnose key parameters stored in EEPROM when a fault occurs. On site, LTC2974 operates autonomously to provide continuous monitoring and take preset actions to deal with faults. LTC2974 also uses an internal chip temperature sensor for protection. This very high mixed signal integration ensures that LTC2974 can easily and reliably manage even complex power systems. LTC2974, together with its 8-channel similar device LTC2978, has become a member of linglierte's growing digital power manager product line and has enriched linglierte's complete independent DC/DC voltage regulator product library, such: 15ALTM4627 in 15mmx15mmModle package or 8ALTM4628 in dual channel. LTC2974 is packaged in a 64-lead 9mmx9mmQFN package that meets RoHS requirements and is available in commercial and industrial temperature ranges. Using DC1856 demonstration system and DC1613USB to PMBus controller can show how LTC2974 manages 4 discrete power supplies. The demonstration system can be accessed through www. linear. com. Cn or lingerte local office. The purchase price of several thousand pieces of LTC2974 is 8. $85. For more information, please visit www. linear. com. cn/product/LTC2974. Photo description: 4-channel digital power manager monitors voltage, current and temperature, Performance Summary: LTC2974 I2C/SMBus serial interface PMBus compatible command set, configuration EEPROM black box fault with CRC function is recorded to internal EEPROM with 0. 25 differential input with total unadjusted error, 16-bit ADC 4 voltage servo circuits use 10-bit DAC with soft connection function to adjust the power supply voltage, monitor 4 output voltages, 4 output currents and 1 input voltage, monitor 4 external temperature sensors and internal chip temperature 4 Channel Sequencer (Based on time or tracking) Programmable watchdog timer 4 UV/OVVOUT and 1 VIN monitor 4 overcurrent/undercurrent monitors, supporting multi-channel fault management LTC2974 available at 3. 3V or 4. Power in the 5V to 15V range in a 64-lead 9mmx9mmQFN package (Source: Alibaba)
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