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Lighting factory lighting LED explosion-proof lamp used in coal mine lighting

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-07
Lighting factory lighting LED explosion-proof lights are used in coal mine lighting. Du'erping Coal Mine is located in Shanxi Province, known as the 'Coal Township' in China. The mine field covers an area of. Square kilometers. It belongs to a high gas mine. Provide lighting, replacing the previous traditional fluorescent lamps. LED miner’s lamps can not only greatly reduce maintenance costs and accident rates, but also save% of energy consumption (the annual power consumption is reduced from 100 million watts to 100 million watts), which is equivalent to saving more than 10,000 yuan (about 10,000 euros) per year Luo) electricity expenses.   Due to low light reflectivity, low contrast, high temperature, and strong corrosiveness, underground coal mines have always been one of the most difficult applications for lighting. Nowadays, replacing traditional incandescent lamps with LED lamps greatly reduces the difficulty of this application.   These W LED explosion-proof lights have two appearance designs: round LED explosion-proof lights are mainly used for general lighting in coal mines, while square LED lights are mainly used for long-distance lighting in tunnels. The light reflectivity in coal mines is low, so a light source with extremely high light output is required. Oslon SSL is an ideal choice for this application with its luminous flux ranging from lm u200bu200bwarm white light to lm cold white light. Mr. Wu Dongyang, Changzhou Lighting Factory Lighting Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of this batch of LED explosion-proof lamps, pointed out: “We chose Osram’s Oslon SSL LEDs mainly because of their high reliability and luminous efficiency**. More importantly, these The LED has a high light output and can meet the design requirements. The average illuminance of the incandescent lamp used before is only lx, but the average illuminance of this batch of LEDs is as high as lx. With the help of advanced optical components, we can achieve this low-contrast Reduce glare in the environment. '   In addition to high luminous efficiency, these LED lighting applications can pass the rigorous test in the coal mine environment, are equipped with coal mine safety certification, explosion-proof certification, and can pass salt spray, waterproof tests and hourly burning tests.  It is a general trend to use LED as a light source for coal mine lighting, and it is developing rapidly. We are very happy that China's major coal provinces can adopt Oslon SSL LEDs. They are the most compact W LEDs on the market; and they do not have a fragile glass enclosure. We hope that the use of these LED lights can reduce the dangers of underground workers. '   The LED is very sturdy, without a fragile glass shell and easily broken filament. In addition, compared with incandescent bulbs with the longest lifespan of 1 hour, LED explosion-proof lamps can provide reliable lighting for multiple hours. Miner’s lamp maintenance intervals It has been extended from three months to one year. According to a study by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the accident rate* during the maintenance and repair of bulbs or lamps can be as high as %; and LEDs have The long life and safety package (no glass shell) reduces the chance of facing these dangers.
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