Light, using the analysis of the whole

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
Part of the light, respectively is the main stem, lift system, lamp panel and lamp holder. Light, the overall need to deal with the inner lateral surface for hot dip galvanized after welding is complete, qualified galvanizing technology can ensure the main pole 15 years will not rust, of course not qualified galvanizing technology will not achieve this effect, so we are making high lamp must be welded firmly. Lifting system is a core part of the led light, lamp plate lifting action depend entirely on the lifting system, elevator wire rope hoist and lifting system of high lamp, not bad, if the wire rope hoist more than ten years are not bad, why do you say, first of all, the inside of the hoist the equipment is installed in the main stem and worry no rain or wind would never cause aging line, a second hoist is rarely start, if the lamp light source 10 years is not bad that ten years don't have to touch it. A major part of the light source is a complete set of high lamp, because light is street lamps, the role of street lamp is lit, the light source is broken is equal to high lamp is broken, so it is particularly important to the choice of light quality, be sure to choose a regular brand in the configuration source. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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