Light, the price cannot be the primary concern

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
Light, the price is the consumer when buying must first understand the problem. Many consumers will ask us, when I open my mouth & other; Light is probably the price & throughout; ,“ Light, how much is the lowest price & throughout; ,“ Light, at what price range & throughout; 。 Sometimes we in the face of such a problem, we will say that, if to start asking the price, we can't give you an offer. Because there is no light, price & other Probably & throughout; 、“ What scope & throughout; This statement, because the light is no ordinary lamp products, light, the price is not to maintain the appearance of a few hundred dollars, high lamp parts is very rich. So every small parts inside will affect the led light, the price of a complete set of high and low. Light, the price level is made up of street lamp lighting accessories, wire, LED light source, light lifting system and so on several aspects. So high lamp price or to be configured according to their amount is calculated, the higher the configuration, light, the higher the price will certainly, in the face of fierce market competition, many manufacturers can not live without paying attention to the quality of the light itself and blind price war, it hindered the development of light industry, advance the aspects of bad result in high lamp industry, so light, when the choose and buy must know more about all aspects, not to high lamp price as the primary issue. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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