Light Efficiency Analysis of LED lighting fixtures

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-19
The LED lighting market is gradually developed after the LED light source efficiency has been greatly improved. Once the cost and light efficiency can replace the development of traditional lamps, the scale will be immeasurable, therefore, it is also a market that people have high hopes. The overall size of the lighting market in 2011 was 110 billion US dollars, and it is expected to reach 137 billion US dollars by 2015. Once the cost and light efficiency of LED lighting market can replace the development of traditional lamps, the scale will be immeasurable. The main performance and luminous efficiency of LED are still showing continuous growth. Compared with other traditional light sources, the main performance and luminous efficiency of LED are still showing continuous growth under the mature technological progress. At present, under laboratory conditions, the light efficiency of Cree White LED laboratories in major US factories has exceeded 231 lumens/watt (350mA current drive), Breaking the industry's high luminous efficiency record; Another big factory, Riya chemical, announced that its LED luminous efficiency can reach 20mA lumens/watt driven by 249 current. In the part of commercial products, Cree company of the United States has begun to sell LED products with luminous efficiency of 160 lumens/watt in a small amount in the market, japan and Asia have also introduced high-power lighting LEDs with a luminous efficiency of 133 lumens/watt, and plan to increase the luminous efficiency of commercial white light to 150 lumens/watt by 2012. Driven by the rising light efficiency of LED, the whole light efficiency of application end has also made great progress. According to the forecast of the US energy administration, the luminous efficiency of commercial white LED components will reach 215 lumens/watt in 2015, and the warm light part will also have the opportunity to reach 184 lumens/watt. According to the prediction and calculation of the US energy agency, the overall efficiency of LED lighting lamps will reach 172 lumens/watt in 2015, and there is no problem to replace general lighting. In addition, various countries have banned the sale and use of high-energy-consuming incandescent bulbs and promoted efficient and energy-saving lighting products. It is inevitable that LED lighting will enter the mainstream mass market. The cost trend of LED lighting products LED application market will grow explosively. According to the report of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory under the US Department of Energy, the average cost of LED lamps has dropped to 63 US dollars per thousand lumens, and LED prices are still falling rapidly every year, and LED lighting is developing rapidly. At present, the annual price drop of LED is about 25- 40, coupled with the decline in the prices of electronics, institutions, heat dissipation and other components, LED lighting products LED prices are getting closer to the expectations of the public lighting market. According to the data released by the topology Industry Research Institute in May 2010, the demand for white LED bulbs will rapidly expand its market share with the incentive policies of governments and the manufacturers to reduce production costs. Due to the decline in prices, therefore, market opportunities will be detonated from 2013. From the Optoelectronic Technology Industry Association (PIDA) According to the analysis of LED lighting cost, it is estimated that from 2012 to 2013, LED lighting will have the ability to compete with traditional light sources in terms of cost, and then the LED application market will grow explosively. Cost Analysis of LED bulb lamps, the current mainstream products in the lighting market are 5-7W and 9- For the products of 12W bulb lamps, take 7WLED bulb lamps as an example. The price we investigated in the sales stores in Shenzhen, mainland China is 14. $98 (Taiwan-funded chip, land-funded packaging)First, assume that the dealer's profit is 15 (2. $25)The structural cost is 12. $73. After investigation and understanding, the cost of LED light source is about 37. 5%. 7, structural parts accounted for 18. 5, power accounted for 21. 7. These three parts account for the proportion of cost, and the cost of light source and power supply still has room for decline. LED light source (Chip, package) In the third quarter of 2011, the market quotation was about 0. 92-0. Between $45, the average is 0. 68 US dollars per piece, 7W products need a total of 7, that is, the part of the LED light source is 4. 8 US dollars, accounting for about 37 of the structural cost. About 7. The main part of the structure, including radiator parts, connectors, spheres and other parts, has a price cost of 1. $46, 0. $58 and 0. 68 dollars, a total of about 18. 5. The power supply part is considered to be a relatively slow link in the development of LED lamp products at present. Both quality and price need to be improved and reduced. The power supply accounts for about of the structural cost. About 7 is about 2. 76 US dollars, this is also part of the need to be strengthened, the reasonable range should be below 10. Cost Analysis of LED street lamps the main composition of LED street lamps the basic structure is composed of LED light source, lamp shell, power supply and other accessories, taking the 160W street lamps commonly used in the current market as the cost analysis framework, the price of LED street lamps is 361 US dollars (Without lamp handle) Usually, LED street lamps are relatively rare in distribution points, and the profit value of dealers is about 10, plus the profit of lamp factories is about 15, the structural cost converted into actual LED street lamps is about 290 US dollars. LED light source: due to the large market range of LED at present, the price of light source of manufacturers with brand awareness is about 0. 4-0. The average value is 0. Calculated at 68 US dollars, the total cost of 160W is 108 US dollars, accounting for about 40 of the total cost. In fact, the part of the LED light source will continue to bottom out. We think 1- The reasonable price of LED light source should account for 20% of the cost of street lamp structure within 2 years- About 25, without considering the simultaneous price reduction of other parts, the price range is about 54-67. $5, that is, the cost of a single LED is about 0. 31-0. Between 42, the current price must be reduced by 45-60. Street lamp shell: the price is extremely messy, because there are many manufacturers, it is difficult to get an average. However, there is still a certain mode for the price positioning of the lamp shell, because it has the function of heat dissipation, and its pricing principle is based on the actual street lamp power and wattage as the definition standard, take 160W street lamp products as an example, the price is about 63. 7 dollars, accounting for about 23 of the cost of street lamps.
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