Light, commonly used lamps and lanterns is the cause of the high utilization rate

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
High pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp is light on one of the most commonly used to lamps and lanterns, it on the light, the utilization rate is so high there is a reason, one of the most important is both a low price. Second exposure area is wide and strong penetrating power. It said high lamp price, 20 meters high lamp, for example, 20 meters high lamp to configure for at least 12 lamps of 400 w light source to achieve a good lighting effect. A lamp of 400 w high pressure sodium lamp, the price is in 850 yuan, the same one 400 wled price is in 8500 yuan, the price gap can make you be clear at a glance, that's right, a difference of at least 10 times more, just think if high lamp are configured to big brand LED, not steel bar, the lamps and lanterns alone how many money? I think the price is generally difficult to withstand. Followed by light efficiency, high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp has a larger advantages, that is the penetration of fog is very strong, most high lamp installed in a large square or high-speed mouth corners, in the fog, good lighting can make traffic accident rate drops a lot. So high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp is the two small advantages based on the lighting market, this is why their utilization rate is high. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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