Letters: the 16th town boasting and 2015 guzhen lighting culture festival opening dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led road in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-10
On October 21, the 16th China guzhen international lighting fair ( Hereinafter referred to as ancient town boasting) And the lights are China, 2015 ( The ancient town) Light festival ( Hereinafter referred to as guzhen lighting culture festival) The lights are ancient town. In the evening, guzhen lighting culture festival held in guzhen town people's square fountain lighting ceremony. In the morning of October 22, 16 Chinese & bull; The ancient town international lighting fair and lights are China, 2015 ( The ancient town) Lights are lighting culture festival in the ancient town of convention and exhibition center held a grand opening ceremony. China lighting electric appliance association, China light industry federation and the provincial and municipal leaders attended the opening ceremony. Ceremony, held & other; The ancient town & ndash; Throughout South Africa build lighting experience hall &; Signed a contract; Award to Su Bing add & other; The lighting capital of China's public welfare propaganda ambassador & throughout; Letter of appointment. “ The lighting capital of China & bull; Center for international and guest & throughout; Innovative business incubation platform opening ceremony; Obtained from the direct base breeding unit plaque; Awarded city. near & other; Throughout China lighting lighting manufacturing base &; Plaque ceremony; Read out the town through & other; The lighting capital of China & throughout; Review the files and confer the signboard. The 16th town boasting in time to 22 - in October 26 for 4 days. During the exhibition, held a global lighting lighting design master salon, the 12th lights are China, the industry peak BBS, the first China ( The ancient town) The direct base BBS and other activities; From October 21 - 27, guzhen lighting culture festival, held by the ancient people's square as the center, to the zhongxing road, east road of cooperation, such as radiation of surrounding roads, a total of 28 lighting set up along the route of modelling attractions, seven performance points, respectively in different periods, floats on tour, music fountain, light cube light show, six lane yunlong luminous performance wonderful programs, such as bring cultural feast for seven days. Ancient town boasting, lighting culture festival held during the same period, means that the town will enter the industry as the carrier, culture to do the professional town mode of new stage of the soul. While adhere to lamp act the role ofing industry as the center, improving cultural soft power. Lighting culture festival, the charm of the lights are fully present, with the attitude of a wider attract more businessmen to come to the lamp expo exhibition. The gripper through culture, promote the development of guzhen lighting industry. Town boasting more cultural festival culture to the world stage, the lights guzhen lamp expo grand developed, and the organic combination of theme activities, landscape lighting culture festival, the exhibition BBS, industry, industrial tourism, lamp is acted the role of cultural resources, such as organic integration, to create a rich contents, various forms of industry.
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