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by:ALLTOP      2019-11-24
When introducing solar light bulbs to villagers, the two women also helped raise awareness of the living conditions of orangasley.
It all started with the pursuit of solar bulbs.
Searching for these bulbs on the Internet, Cheryl tesu Meng met Nokero, Colorado --
Manufacturers of solar bulbs.
In the evening, she bought a few bulbs to illuminate the balcony and placed some bulbs around the house to illuminate.
40-\"when there is a power outage, it is great to have these solar bulbs around before power is restored . \"year-old Teh.
Teh has a friend, Alison Sandra murugsu, who works closely with the orang asli community, which gives her a light
Light bulb moment: why not illuminate the home of orang asli villagers in remote areas far from the State Grid?
\"Some orang asli villagers within the State Grid may not be able to pay for their home\'s wire and fuse boxes,\" Alison explained . \".
Two friends got together and came up with a No. for-
Profitable project called project Light A Home (or Project LAH)
Last March.
Although the idea is not new, as the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce has donated solar reading lights to these villagers, and the community project of Mari Kita Membaca and OA learning center has also donated Ikea solar-
The LAH project is an ongoing initiative launched by the two women, powered by Facebook and word of mouth.
Thai and Alison are no stranger to volunteer work.
When she was a child, she often followed her parents and church members to visit the old man\'s home.
She is also a former Rotarian.
Teh is a knowledge management practitioner at an investment company in Kuala Lumpur and is the chairman and choir director of Selangor Philharmonic Society.
Alison, 42, is the founder and coordinator of the Orang Asli community learning program, which provides resources for community learning centers established by the orang asli community.
She volunteers in the field with Gerai OA and does temporary volunteering for other orang asli focus groups.
Alison\'s husband died two years ago. she is now the mother of a nine-year-old. year-
Old boy, while working part-time as conference coordinator
Free writer.
\"Cheryl does all the paperwork and administrative work, although I work closely with the community to coordinate the delivery of light bulbs to the interior with the help of Dr. Colin Nicholas of the Orang Asli focus Center (COAC)
, OA and Jaringan Gerai Orang Asal, SeMalaysia, \"said Alison.
\"However, in terms of raising funds, we have friends and family donate money for the project and run the Facebook page,\" Alison added . \".
In addition to providing lighting for villagers of Orang Asley who cannot be powered on, solar light bulbs are a vital device as villagers without electricity turn to kerosene lamps or other fossil fuels for lighting.
Living with a kerosene lamp is like smoking 40 cigarettes a day, more than 1, according to Nokero\'s website.
Every year, 8 million people die from complications caused by indoor air pollution, and kerosene fires are common. Nokero (
Short for no kerosene)
According to the brand, emarter Steve Katsaros was founded in June 2010 to provide safe and eco-friendly solar products that eliminate the need for harmful and polluting fuels used for light and heat around the world, this is an affordable project for the community that needs them.
\"We did this as a separate project, so we bought it directly from Nokero and we got the bulk purchase price,\" Teh said . \".
When they first started the project, some people were more interested in buying solar bulbs for their own use, Teh said.
\"Since this is not our goal, we say they can only buy bulbs if they promise to light a house first.
So that\'s a condition, but we\'re thinking about changing it . \"
They have provided solar bulbs in three batches since they started, and they need two to three months to organize funding, make purchases and deliver solar bulbs to orang
The beneficiaries of this project include Kampung Kabang, Mai village, in Kelantan, Kampung Bertang and Kampung Penderas in Pengheng, Kampung Rasah senmeilan;
The village of Jakun gong is in Johor in Pengheng and Kampung Peta;
The village of Temiar Peralong, the Pos mined-out area, Dakoh and Pos Tohoi are in Kelantan;
There are also some Mah Meri families in Selangor puloukaili.
\"We first introduced the Nokero Crestone solar light bulb because it was the only one available.
\"Now we\'re rolling out a different model, the Nokero Shavano solar bulb, for a higher price, but with twice the brightness of Nokero Crestone,\" Teh said . \"
Durable and rainy-
Nokero Shavano solar bulb usage-of-the-
Art, high quality solar panels and two AA-
The size of the recyclable battery should last about oneand-a-
Six to two years
It turns off automatically in bright light to save money, using heavy duty
Duty alloy hanging clip, portable, simple to use.
He pointed out that their main goal is to provide the most cost-effective services.
Efficient Lighting for Orang asli villagers, so they will look for solar bulb brands that meet this goal.
As solar bulbs use rechargeable batteries, volunteers at COAC follow up on usage and notify Teh and Alison when these batteries need to be replaced.
\"We want to work with rechargeable battery suppliers to find ways to fund battery replacement,\" Teh said . \".
\"We told the villagers to put solar bulbs in the sun while washing their clothes and charge them as long as possible and bring them in when the clothes are dry or rainy,\" Alison added.
To support this project, donors can
Mail founder.
\"We are not a registered company, foundation or society.
All of this costs money. we would rather transfer the money to the villagers.
We have no cost, we work in our own time, we work in our own field.
There are no other rewards for helping our volunteers, other than being satisfied with what they have done worth doing, \"Alison explains.
Although both women are full
Time to work, Teh said she was happiest when she was working on the LAH project.
\"In addition to bringing light to the villagers, it also helps to raise awareness among my friends and colleagues about the state of orang asli.
\"Alison does challenging tracks indoors to deliver solar bulbs, and when villagers come to receive them, the happy faces around her give her a lot of encouragement.
\"A few months later, when I came to a village again and saw the light bulbs in use, I felt that all the efforts were worth it,\" Alison said . \".
Both women promised to continue implementing the Lah project as long as needed.
Along the way, they are working on how to include other things that are useful to villagers of Orang Asley.
Volunteer services don\'t have to start with the Big Bang, says Teh.
\"We do what we can and use everything we have.
It is important that we do something that benefits the rest of our community.
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