LED test equipment will play growth momentum in 2013

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-09
Huang Qinming, chairman of Zhimao, a large manufacturer of measurement equipment, said that Zhimao's main performance momentum this year lies in the growth of IC measurement system and LED lighting test system, plus Zhimao's power electronic measurement and test solutions ( Turnkeysolutions) The products are in the mature markets of Europe, America and Japan, and the results will continue to ferment. Huang Qinming stressed that Zhimao's research and development has not stopped. 'only when you do it yourself, when the market returns, the performance will jump back faster 」. 2012 year chroma revenue for 41. 7. 4 billion yuan, annual reduction of 22, gross profit margin of 54. 4. The profit rate is 21, the gross profit rate is slightly higher than the previous year's 52, and the profit rate is from 24. 7 Decline; 2012 year chroma pre-tax earnings for 10. 9. 6 billion yuan, after-tax surplus 9. 4. 5 billion yuan, annual decrease of 38, EPS is 2. 52 yuan. Huang Qinming, chairman of Zhimao, said that the boom cycle in 2012 was difficult to avoid, especially three of the four 'miserable industries' were related to Zhimao, and the development of clean energy was also depressed by the boom, let Zhimao's performance last year be disappointing. However, Huang Qinming stressed that Zhimao is still fully promoting research and development and related investments have not shrunk with the decline in revenue, reiterating that technology research and development is where Zhimao niche lies, zhimao was also awarded the top 10 'backbone enterprises' by the industry bureau of the Ministry of Economy. In fact, Zhimao's technology investment does not fall, and the return can be seen from its gross profit margin performance above 50. Although large enterprises were cautious about capital expenditure last year, Zhimao still kept the gross profit margin above 54 in 2012 due to the sales of high-tech equipment; In particular, last year's Q4, the sales volume of Zhimao's IC measurement system increased by 17 in the quarter, successfully pushing up the gross profit margin of Q4 to 56 last year. 5. Gross profit margin reached a new high in the past 8 quarters. Judging from the application of Zhimao's products in 2012, power electronics measurement (Powertesting) The proportion of revenue is still 47, IC test accounts for about 17, LCD and image test accounts for about 11, clean energy ( Including solar energy, LED, electric vehicle and battery system) The total number of applications accounted for about 24, and other revenues accounted for about 1. Huang Qinming said that the two fast-growing application fields in 2012 were IC testing and LCD testing applications respectively. The annual revenue growth rates of related equipment products reached 44 and 25 respectively, and the demand for high-end displays began to increase, zhimao has mastered the relevant opportunities, but the mass-produced LCDpanel Zhimao has less ink; The IC measurement field relies on a combination of three temperature tests (Tri-Temperature) Technology such as parallel measurement has won the favor of international manufacturers. Judging from the prospect of each product's application this year, Huang Qinming believes that the advanced process (PoP package, 2. 5D package, etc) IC production volume and the penetration rate of LED general lighting continue to increase, and IC measurement and LED measurement solutions will become the main kinetic energy this year; At the same time, in the past, the power electronic measurement equipment that played the main role of Zhimao is also good. Huang Qinming emphasized that Zhimao continued to work in the European, American and Japanese markets, and his views on related equipment are very positive. Huang Qinming explained that with the rise of mobile applications, IC design factories must take extreme high and low temperature tolerance into consideration in IC design, however, Zhimao successfully entered the purchasing chain of big IC design company by virtue of the three-temperature test. Zhimao used to persuade IC design company to use our products. Last year, the situation was reversed, zhimao products can be combined with IC design customers, laboratory machines of sealed factory customers, and even mass production machines. Huang Qinming expects that the revenue of IC test equipment can grow by 2-digit percentage this year. On the other hand, the performance of clean energy application equipment was not satisfactory last year. Huang Qinming is still optimistic that LED will benefit from the increased penetration rate of general lighting and the simultaneous warming of shipments, all major factories have some ink on the improvement of product testing capacity, which also drives the demand of testing system; As for solar energy equipment, Huang Qinming admitted that it may take some time to digest excess capacity and wait for the market to go against the wind.
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