LED street lights manufacturer should be how to improve the competitiveness

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05
With the increasing of LED lighting products international competitiveness in our country, in the future, LED street lamp manufacturers should be more inclined to industry by improving the core competitive power to enhance the international competitiveness of the product. In core technology breakthrough industry at the same time, also want to understand the status quo of the imbalance in China's economic development and Labour unlimited supply of resources endowment, develop the labor-intensive LED street lamp manufacturers, continue to maintain the international competitive advantage on the product in our country. In the current economic climate, LED street lamp manufacturers development strategy to the scientific outlook on development as guidance, thoroughly change the traditional export as the primary goal of extensive foreign trade development strategy, from the focus on the trade surplus to balance of trade, turned their attention from trade to increase productivity, promote the international competitiveness of trade oriented strategic shift. LED street lamp manufacturer sales channels, decision making and management occupies an important position in the marketing mix. LED street lamp manufacturers as connecting the bridge and the link to producers and consumers, reasonable distribution channels can ensure the product in the proper time, proper place at appropriate prices to the target customers, thus make effective distribution channel strategy is of great significance. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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