LED street lights maintenance is a must

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
In the face of the LED street lamp use large public facilities, and its maintenance is a must, which USES long LED street lamp is the need to do maintenance on a regular basis, first we have to do the first step is the maintenance of light pole, now most of the LED lights are beautiful concentrated on street lights, so in the face of such situation, we need to protect light pole, so must set up warning signs, avoid light pole was damaged. Second never can hang around in the street light weight heavy things, a lot of people don't consider the ability to withstand outdoor LED street lamps, a lot of people think this kind of lamps and lanterns of lamp pole is made of steel and so on the strength is can bear the weight of a lot, but no one will consider these problems, convenient for myself to go, if it is to hang in the above are some of the object exceed its weighing, the lighting of the LED street lamp life will suffer, since the LED street light brings us a convenient, will not pollute the environment and save resources. LED street lamp belongs to cantilever structure, time and time again in the natural environment by the collision of the wind, because the lamp is hanging in the air, try to simplify the structure, designed to streamline, to reduce wind resistance, the flow rate of the growth of rainwater, and pay attention to reduce weight using structure is very important, try to reduce its weight caused by the stress problem of lighting safety of growth path. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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