LED street lights and what's the difference? Dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
May be in People's Daily general lighting, LED street light is easy to ignore, why do you say so? For LED street light itself is small volume, high level is generally in about 1 meter, and LED street lights don't like our street lamp that is widely used in the road, the scope of its use is usually in the park, square, grass and other places of use, although the time we can look at it is small, but it brings us convenience and also can not be ignored. LED street light and we often say that the road lamp is different, its difference in addition to its high volume manifests, in fact, the street light is becoming more and it has two kinds of ornamental function as one of the lamp. LED street lights, park on the lawn grass, because its height is lower, so you need to use the light wattage is around 1 w, but this is enough to give to the pedestrian lighting. And LED street lamp design style is varied, satisfy the requirement of people for different viewing, so at some scenic spots or park, brighten the use of LED street lights are very popular, the use of it is I can give to these places to play a different style, different scenery, mood letting a person is cheerful.
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