LED street light tip of choose and buy

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
We want a choose and buy good quality LED street light, is to have a skill. Pavement installed LED street light, no matter what the material of the LED street light, the stroboscopic all need to make sure that can't happen, because the night vision is not very good. If the LED street light stroboscopic condition, will affect the eyes of passers-by, not only can let an eye injury, will also affect driving, causing the accident will be more serious, that we have to pay more attention to. And when choosing outdoor LED lights, we want to check the lighting of the LED street lamp radiator is very dense, LED street lamp in the work, will send out a lot of heat. If have no very good heat dissipation effect, affect the use time of LED street light. Welding problem is also very important, when check the LED street lamp bead welding part, see whether there are any problems. Whether the lamps and lanterns has produce burns, internal whether have glue cross flow. When the choice, for the LED street lamp warranty period will have how long? LED street light quality is poorer, mostly only 1 year shelf life. Therefore, when choosing the LED street light, best can choose good quality lamps, unapt let the using time of the lamp. Otherwise it will only waste more time. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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