Led street light the causes of different price

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05
Now have the ability to produce led lights and led street lamp manufacturers still pretty is much, but different vendors use different quality of led will lead to different price of led lights, it is also the important reason for the led street light price is different. And because the manufacturer is numerous, the led industry competition is very intense, some led street light price is also big, when we purchase, don't just focus on the price, also want to see the quality of led street light products. Because the price competition is increasingly fierce, appearance, structure and function almost the same products, led lights have 2 - price difference Three times, many users get faint head, I don't know spreads to come from, generally don't production led light-emitting tube, led street lamp manufacturers are difficult to separate, and consumers. Anyone want to buy the cheap led lights, but can only be used if low price to buy the product in September, that thed loss outweights the gain. So, we don't only look at the led street light price, should choose their good led production source, or have a complete inspection equipment of led street light led manufacturers would be better, this led street light products will be more secure.
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