LED street light spread effect cannot cause and the integration of the dynamic | | industry lighting: lighting concept development rural solar LED street light

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-13
According to the theory, LED street lamp on the road of promotion should be faster than indoor lighting, but the road lighting promotion in the market have a certain inertia, the problem of standardization and above, the popularity of its failure to effect. Specifications for LED street light, its each manufacturer is not the same, late to replace or repair the product need to find the same manufacturer, this is more troublesome. But believe me, LED lights will welcome the spring lighting market. As long as outdoor LED street light of the above problem is solved, the traditional street lamp can be out of the market. Nearly two years, the concept of integrated lighting into let added humanized lighting LED street lamp. At the same time of control street lamp, can be combined with fire sensors, cameras, information display and human-computer interaction system, etc. , on the one hand, through the sensors information transmission through the network to monitor local office; On the other hand, through the monitoring center to send a variety of data in LED lights, to pass on information. Integrated lighting is a LED street lamp lighting system, and through a light feeling, to form a network of information, data system, data acquisition, distribution and interaction. In a nutshell, the integration of lighting is equal to the intelligent lighting and integration based on illumination system. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can make free calls
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