LED street light price structure need to have a basic understanding of

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
Now many areas have universal access to the LED street light. Of course most people buy LED lights, or LED street lamp most concerned about price, a lot of people don't know the LED street light price, the market is expensive. In fact, we are need to know the price of LED lights, if you buyers of LED street light price structure have a basic understanding of, so you can purchase to a reasonable price of LED street light. LED street light price mainly by the price and the price of LED street lamp holder lamp posts, the price of this two parts are also the most vulnerable to contain water. Light pole prices the same height and style of outdoor LED lights but can small, light pole price associated with stem wall thickness and diameter. The greater the wall thickness, the greater the diameter, the higher the price of the light pole. Conversely, the smaller the thickness, the smaller the diameter, the lower the price of the light pole. So I said light pole LED street light prices is relatively easy to contain water, the same height and style of the light pole, such as its wall thickness of 2. 3, diameter of 60, and I of the wall thickness of 2. 75 and the caliber 70, obviously, my light pole of LED street light price must be higher, this will affect the whole LED lights price. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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