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by:ALLTOP      2020-11-10
Energy conservation and sustainable development is no longer a question of selective, but will the development of the future development of the world today. Represented by the LED new lighting to replace the traditional light source. As a representative of the green energy-saving light source, LED street lamp industry to become the most potential market hot spots, compared with the mature technology becomes more mature, also get a better promotion in the comfort, lighting effect is also more diversified. LED as a point light source, its design is very reasonable, have been largely can directly solve the traditional light source does not need to rely on light emission to solve the problem of quadratic took the light and the light loss; Uniform light illuminate the controllable, can be done within the target area completely uniform, can avoid the traditional light source & other; Under the lamp light & throughout; Waste phenomenon of light; Warm color optional, in the application of different occasions, increase efficiency, reduce the cost. Technical progress of LED street light also has the very big space, it is driven by innovative technology constantly updated, upgraded the illumination energy conservation product realization, the LED street lamp lighting to replace traditional street lamp is a new era of progress, LED lights have a lead, that is why it can become the hot spot. This information is provided by lighting and source from http://www. jhzm88. com
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