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LED street light price is decided by what factors?

by:ALLTOP      2021-02-01
Which aspects of LED street light price?
if calculated in accordance with a complete set of the price of LED lights, divides three parts: the main price contain light lamps, LED street lamp power supply, street lamp post.
breakdown point, and to distinguish between the styles of lamps and lanterns size, connection size of light source and the brand, the LED street lamp power to distinguish between the brand and wattage, as for the lamp pole height, material, thickness, and some of packing and buried cage is also a small fraction of the price. Of
as a whole, the LED street light price is set according to the needs of specific configuration, there is no standard pricing, looks the same configuration is the same style of LED street light price often can match a different price.
suitable for LED street lamp manufacturers how to price?
the needs of different configuration corresponding to different price, so the LED street lamp manufacturers how to price fit? In general, the LED street light industry is relatively mature, the price is more and more transparent, LED street lamp project purchaser also more understand the price.
in general, the removal of all costs, plus 5% 10% of the profits is basically the final price to the market. Of LED street light price more than the solar street light prices relatively simple, better to do calculation contrast, under the same configuration of price difference is smaller and smaller.

LED street light price combination with most of the products, in general, an entity of product sales price is commonly: raw materials, spare parts cost + artificial cost + packing and shipping finished products, machine accumulated depreciation cost + + enterprise rent tax + profit = sales price. What we call the allowance at ordinary times, actually often is favorable in corporate profits, how to say?
because under the market economy, is also the LED street lamp, under the same specification under the condition of equal quality, raw materials and artificial cost, transportation, packing and so on each enterprise is close to, or even the same cost. Assume that LED street lamp product selling price 1000 yuan, including corporate profits accounted for 10%, or 100 yuan, so enterprise to discounts is from the inside out, the 100 RMB business again how preferential will not reduce the discount rate to more than 100 yuan, costs are 900 yuan, the price is lower than 900 yuan, enterprise how to survive?
in the same way, if the market product cost 900 yuan, there is a LED lights manufacturer told you their sales price is lower than 900 yuan, that I can tell you for sure, they will not be in this part of the corporate profits and benefits, are generally make adjustments on the cost of 900 yuan. Market price of 1000 yuan, the market generally cost is 900 yuan, profit is 100 yuan.
this time, if the enterprise to maintain the profit of 100 yuan, and to control the sales price is lower than the market cost of 900 yuan, that there is only one possibility, which is the cost is less than 900 yuan. This also means that it is often said to cut corners and inferior quality.
then return to the LED street light price, in addition to the enterprise operation cost, the lamps and lanterns of LED street light price = basically contain light + whole hot galvanizing light pole + power supply + buried cage + artificial, packaging, transport. LED street lamp head by the shell of lamps and lanterns, reflectors, lens ( Chimney) , light source, chip, etc. As for the LED light lamps and lanterns, the factors influencing the price:
the stand or fall of chip and lamp bead. LED street lamp adopts solid-state semiconductor to convert electrical energy into light energy directly, the stand or fall of chip directly decide the quality of the lights glowing pearl. There are domestic and Taiwan chip and chip imports. The chip is different, the price difference is very big. And lights, material, welding line material and quality of glue, glue, etc.
the LED packaging technology. LED packaging refers to the light emitting chip encapsulation, requires not only can protect the wick, but also can be pervious to light. Packaging mainly include: resin encapsulation and silica gel encapsulation. Price of resin encapsulation is cheaper. The other is the same. Silica gel encapsulation of the cooling performance is good, so the price a little expensive than resin encapsulation.
the radiator and cooling technology. Lamp bead light work part of electrical energy into heat energy, if poor heat dissipation, will directly affect the service life of the lamp bead. This will require a good auxiliary way to heat dissipation, basically have passive and active cooling in two ways. Passive cooling is most manufacturer USES light quality and high thermal conductivity aluminum radiator. The latest plastic package aluminum radiator relative to the aluminum advantage more, become a market trends. Active cooling is divided into, air-cooled, cools, semiconductor refrigeration and heat pipe.
the mainboard structure of LED street light. Currently on the market the mainboard persistence pressure and constant current. Constant pressure of in the lamp body temperature becomes high, cannot be well protect the mainboard, can dramatically reduce the useful service life of lamps and lanterns. And constant current motherboard high stability and good performance, but the price is expensive.
at the same time, different specifications, different brand, and even different style will have different prices, the thickness of the light pole side light pole height, material, size and so on is also a distinct, even if there is a patent on the technology and the appearance of lamps and lanterns, the stand or fall of power supply, the type of controller brand quality can also lead to different price.
the price of LED street lights are decided according to the actual use requirements of different brand different quality at the same time also is different. Raw material is different, the core parts of different, the sales price, of course, each are not identical, outdoor lighting engineering procurement, try to choose normal large LED lights manufacturer, which is responsible for engineering contractor himself.
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