LED street light price how many money? Led street light price query

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-10
LED lights, please price how many money? I'm afraid this ask the answer is very many, each person's answer may not, whether the industry outsiders. Largely because of the LED street light price this problem is very difficult to have a standard answer, can only say that according to the specific parameter configuration to a reference price. Indeed, involves the configuration problem so the price is not the only, just good such as mobile phone, the same type of mobile phone also points including three configurations, each configuration corresponding to different, the price of LED street light price is same, the same specifications, also can provide, but is a little different here including mainly with product quality specifications. The same model, the greater the power led lights, will certainly than the relatively small power led street light price cheaper. Different accessories brand is also distinct, LED street lamp power supply also has a lot of brand, better is imported in Taiwan Ming weft power, specifications as natural than other power supply is relatively expensive. So this also cause distinct LED street light prices. LED street light price how many money? If it is used in the countryside, Taiwan wafer of 20 w LED light source, 5 meters overall galvanized light pole, Ming weft power collocation, is about one thousand yuan ( Specific can contact lighting customer service to obtain accurate LED street light quotation sheet) If inclusive of delivery charges, taxes, and a bit. Recommend purchasing enough operating point expected wattage of led street light, quality assured, also copy of outdoor lighting project.
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