LED street light price cost mainly from which aspect?

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
In fact, the LED street light price because material itself is not too high, and LED street light price chip cost is only 10%, other costs mainly from encapsulation, heat dissipation, cost structure and power supply. From the perspective of the composition of the cost to lower the price of LED street lamp is in manufacturing process, simple requirements of LED street light price down is not too big effect. About 10% of the design of the LED street light price, now is a little high, but with the development of technology, power around - now 5% of the most reasonable. Practical thermal design is very simple, the LED street lamp manufacturers held on as long as the two direction it is, the shorter the LED street lamp chip and heat dissipation device path, the better, the shorter your thermal design is better; Second, heat resistance, is must have enough heat to the path also should have enough cooling power. The cost in the main structure, used for heat dissipation cost is not much. Always use cost of LED street light price is very low, lamps and lanterns made the overall price is reasonable, rational planning, comprehensive simply requires a certain part of the cheap effect is not big, but we design the overall architecture of lamps and lanterns to the economy, is the most important, the optimization of LED street lamp offers the best way to control costs. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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