LED street light industry has entered a new stage of development

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
LED street light industry has entered a new stage of development, the development of growth is slowing, is from alternative lighting market entry is characterized by integration, personalized on-demand lighting and lighting applications. Along with the technological progress to promote and market demand pull, is expected in the next few years will still grow LED street lamp lighting development, further interdisciplinary cross fusion, higher technology content and added value of products is the direction. At present, the LED technology breakthrough is far more than expected, the people will no longer be the only focus light efficiency, improving the quality of the light, light environment, health and comfort, ecology, safety is more remarkable, high quality, personalized, more form will become the future development direction of LED street lamp lighting products. In addition, the LED street light Ming industry is driven from technology-driven to application. Acceleration of interdisciplinarity, industry forefront to extend, expand application areas, innovative applications will become a new growth point and replace the stage after long-term growth momentum, LED lighting into the era of on-demand and beyond illumination. Outdoor LED lighting lamps and intelligent hardware technology, the Internet, the Internet of things technology of cross-border integration, will promote the development of the integration of lighting, to become the integration of family, integration, intelligent society an important part of city, then achieve on-demand lighting. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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