LED street light has formed collectivization, the regionalization of the highly competitive situation

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
With the push of rapid economic growth and energy saving policy, China has become the world's most growth potential of energy-saving lighting market, is expected in the next few years the market andchina will enter the high-speed growth. Huge market valvula aggressively layout not only attract international LED lighting manufacturers, aroused the Chinese regional lighting manufacturers take attempt to rise, especially the one of the LED street lamp lighting area, the impetus of the local government and the big companies invest, the group has been formed, the height of the regional competition. Big movements LED street lamp production end, did not affect the development of Chinese lighting LED street lamp application market. China is the world's most major consumer electronics and lighting products production base, make it become the world's largest LED components should be used in the market, the global consumption of about 35% in 2011 LED components. In China LED the market applications, with public landscape lighting, electronic products backlight, display screen/billboards, general lighting for the four main application fields. LED street lamp industry funds and technical barriers to entry is low, the high cost of supply chain management, combined with regional characteristics, market related manufacturers to adopt vertical whole strategic layout, the outdoor LED street lamp industry gradually get rid of the past small valvula, low quality of the industry, form large collectivized industry competition situation. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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