LED street light export markets get sustained high growth

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-14
In the lighting industry rapid development today, infinite scene in the perilous peak, in the changeable LED street lamps in the market, how to locate precisely, a head, top? Only much direction, I am afraid, the domestic lighting market competition is intense, if only in the domestic market, is difficult to out of the predicament, also want to looking for foreign market development. LED street lamp is given priority to with municipal engineering, domestic and foreign demand most directly by the government policy, under the background of the government's policy to promote abroad, China lighting LED street light export markets get continuous high-speed growth, the stability of the domestic market at the same time, also want to increase outdoor LED street lamp exports. According to a 2012 - In 2016 export price movements on the LED street lamp, LED street light the trend of export price is falling, and export amount is rising fast striking contrast. But the LED street light price decline range decreases, the price is stable, and gradually improve the quality of the market for LED lights requirements, quality gradually highlight the influence of export of LED street lamps, and called to order one of the important factors. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call the hotline
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