LED street lamp use energy

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-09
LED street light chips, this can be said to be the core part of the LED street light, LED street light, the quality of the possible is depends on the good quality of the chip, the late nature has long service life. Manufacturer of LED street lamp manufacturers tree analysis chip LED the heart, is a semiconductor chip, chip attached on a bracket, at the end of the end is negative, the other end is connected to the power supply. That makes the whole chip is epoxy resin encapsulation, and the material of the positive and negative also determines the energy consumption of lighting LED street lamp chips use, the electricity can play a role of a good conductive, avoid the excess loss, outdoor LED street lamp power for electricity conductivity connectivity has a superior. LED street lamp province electricity is about ordinary lights on the power consumption can be 90 or so, in other words, the average daily 70 w, lamps and lanterns, when choosing LED lights to replace the selected 20 w and replaceable, for general energy-saving lamps and lanterns, the LED street lights, save electricity capacity at least above 50. Probably in a 30 square meters space, use 4 - An average of five LED ball, this kind of lighting effects is very light is very bright. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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